Virtual Event | APRIL 13-15, 2023

Learn the formula to go to $50k/Month in 4 Months or Less!



During 7 Figure Academy Learn How To Apply The ‘7 Figure Committed Way’ Model To Go From 0 To $50k in 4 Months or Less In Your Business!


Luke Hawkins is an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and the Australia’s #1 coach for coaches, consultants healers wanting to make more impact & reach 7 figures in their business

Australia's top transformational coach

Luke has been in the trenches and done over 1000+ 1 on 1 coaching sessions to master the art of transforming lives; then applying all the knowledge he learnt to train more successful coaches the last 3 years than anyone in Australia

$35k in debt to a multi-million dollar coaching business

After personally training over 1500 coaches from all around the world and having had extraordinary success, Luke has discovered the unique psychology it takes, and the formula, to go from nothing to creating a business empire


What You’ll learn at & Figure Academy…

Step 1: Get absolutely clear on your niche, target market and your Million Dollar Message!

Step 2: Create the perfect program to charge what you are really worth!

Step 3: Learn how to grow your following by 100-300 new followers per week of your target market on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Step 4: Learn how to build a powerhouse brand to gain credibility even if you have no past experience

Note: 1 of our students grew from 2000 to 1.4 Million followers on Tik Tok in 8 months. Another student frew from 500 to 81,000 followers in 14 months on Instagram and went from 5 paid clients to $50k/month in 4 months.

Step 5: Learn how to create irresistible knockout offers that attract your clients to you!

Step 6: Learn how to generate 20-50 leads per week on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn without spending a single dollar on paid Advertising!

Step 7: Learn how to create, build and monetise a facebook group to generate $20k-$50k/month.

Step 8: Learn how to use LinkedIn to generate 5-20 leads per week & earn $20k-$40k/month off the Platform!

Step 9: Learn how to post content on ALL social media platforms so you get maximum likes and comments from your audience!

Step 10: Learn how to do email marketing and get our proven templates so you can have people book sales calls every week from your emails!

Step 11: Go through the ultimate breakthrough experience to clear any blocks holding you back! 

Step 12:  Learn our Quantum sales process to close 34% of all sales calls you take (based on past student success)

Step 13: Learn the proven Organic Lead Flow methodto earn $50k/month 4 months or less!

Step 14: Learn how to systemise and track your leads, sales and important data to systemise your business & get rid of overwhelm and stress.

Step 15: Execute the “Its Friday Then” Launch which is a 7 day launch designed to get you 12 booked calls and 3 sales in 1 week!

Step 16: Learn the “Thunderstruck” Launch which is a 28 day launch designed to get you 28 booked calls and 6 new paid clients in 28 days!

"Just did two sales today at $3997…that’s over $70k in less than 4 months since Luke’s program! In less than 8 weeks since learning from Luke I have 25 people enrolled at $997 into my first ever breakthrough weekend!"
Lachie Stuart
So far since working with Luke I have made $19,400 in coaching revenue in 3 days! More importantly I have the opportunity to work with some amazing people and also learn their individual stories and join them support them on their journey.
Scott Kuru​
Since working with Luke I have quit my 9-5, awakened what I knew was inside of me and now I am consistently having $20k + months and looking to take things to the next level! This has happened so quickly!​
Stephanie Zee
I went from $5k a month to $18K in a single month within 30 days of leaving this course. Luke’s strategies to generate clients are so detailed and his psychology breakthrough and sales selection blew me away! This was life changing!
Alexsandra Marianetti

Event Details


EVENT DATE(S) : April 13-15, 2023

EVENT TIMES : 10:00 am to 7:00 pm each day.


Virtual on zoom


Every participant MUST register. The program will start promptly at 10:00am. Registration is from 9am-9:30am.


There will be an online form to fill out during registration. Please make sure you have a working camera, working sound and a laptop and charger!


Book a call to apply for a ticket now


Q: Where is 7 Figure Academy being held this year?

A: It is now happening as a live ONLINE Virtual training experience where you can participate from the comfort of your own home!

Q: Will Luke be teaching the entire time?

A: Luke teaches 90% across the whole 3 days and at times may give a small segment to other experts on his team or externally if it best serves the group! 

Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: Yes you may! However all tickets are sold separately. Unless you have a family member, business partner or Intimate partner who would like to attend, as they can receive their ticket for half price!

Q: What do I need to bring to the online event?

A: Please bring your laptop/PC, charger, a notebook, pens and highlighters! Please participate in an environment that supports your learning free from distractions. 

Q: How do I get my course materials?

A: All of your course materials will be provided to you digitally once you have completed registration. When you register you will receive:

– Course workbook and access to the Online members portal to receive your free resources!

– Wristband, this wristband is waterproof and must be worn throughout the 5 days of the event, this is your entry into the event.

Q: What if I arrive late, can I still register?

A: Yes you can, the registration portal will be open for the entire event, however, we strongly encourage you are on time as any time away is valuable information you are missing!

Q: When will I receive my e-ticket?

A: All e-tickets are issued approximately 2 – 4 weeks prior to the event. Tickets will be emailed to each of the ticket holders. Each ticket holder must have a unique email address. If we do not have your details, we cannot send your ticket. Please ensure that you have submitted the unique details for each ticket holder (Full Name, Email, Phone Number)

Q: If I have bought more than one ticket, do I need to let you know who my guests are?

A: Yes! We MUST receive the unique details of each of your ticket holders prior to the event – name, email, phone number and billing address. We will NOT be able to issue your tickets unless we have received this information, please send these details to info@lukehawkins.com

Q: If I want to delay my attendance to the next event, how do I let the Luke Hawkins team know?

A: You can let us know at info@lukehawkins.com and is the exact same process as sending us any guest details – Full name, email address, contact telephone and billing address.

Q: Can I work out a payment plan?

A: Yes, payment plans are available and can be tailored to suit your needs. To find out what’s best for you please call:

Outside of Australia: +61 412 991 482. 

If within Australia: 0412 991 482.

Q: What are the event hours?

A: The times below for the seminar are approximate times only. Luke is committed to the highest standard of presentation and insists that all material is covered, therefore the schedule may vary.

Day 1: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Day 2: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Day 3: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Q: What should I wear to the Virtual event?

A: Please dress in comfortable, casual clothing. Bring along a sweater or a jacket each day in case to keep warm. 

Q: Can I leave during the event?

A: Yes, you can leave if you wish, however if you leave during the content delivery times we cannot catch you up for what you missed unless there was a valid reason agreed upon by our team before leaving. 

Q: Can I take photos or video or record any of the event?

A: You may take photos to post on social media, however no audio recording of the event is allowed to protect all students on the virtual training. 

Q: Im not a coach, consultant or healer, will I still get value?

A: Yes we have people that come from a variety of industries to learn how they can grow and scale their business. The strategies to scale a business to 7 figures are actually universal no matter what business you are in. We have had people of all industries get amazing results from this program!

Q: Im never been a coach before and want to start, is this course right for me?

A: Yes, this is the perfect place to start to learn how to build your coaching business from the foundations up! We have people who are just starting and we have people already doing over $500k/ year. Everybody is catered for!

Q: Can i participate without my camera on?

No, if you are participating in the event you must have your camera on at all times, if there are times where you choose not to turn your camera on, we will first give you a friendly warning before potentially removing you from the live stream. This is so Luke and the team can observe the responses and participaction of the students so everybody receives the value they came for.  

Q: Can I be refused entry or asked to leave?

A: Yes, if you are caught recording the content, or acting in an inappropriate way that disturbs the learning of other students, or their is any unlawful conduct we may refuse your entry or ask you to leave. 

7 Figure Academy is Almost Here!

Come and see the value Luke has included in his latest virtual event – you will even find a live event ticket included for FREE!

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