Please fill in the details below to move forward with your application

This payment is for us to verify that you are serious and committed about this role.

This is how it will work.

We will issue a 100% refund when the following conditions are met:

– When we bank 1 sale from the leads you generate.


– When you generate 5 leads that show up to a phone call.

If neither of the above occur with in 6 months, then we will donate the $200 to the charity that we already donate a percentage of our profits to.

This charity is Operation Underground Railroad:

IE. No matter what happens, we are not profiting off your $200, you get it back or it goes to charity.

PS. If this is not something that you want to do, then please let me know, probably means that you might not be the right fit for this role.

Appointment Setter Commitment: $200
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