How To Design Your Coaching Package

What your offer is, is very important because it’s going to determine the results that you get for your clients, the money you make, and the impact that your brand is going to make in the world. So, let me break it down into 10 steps of how to design the ultimate coaching package.

It has taken me years to discover this and I’ve been doing it for about seven or eight years now and a lot of people paid good money to learn this, but I’m giving it for free.

➤ Come up with a memorable name and promised results. If you said you’ve got a six-week breakthrough program, you could call it that. It’s probably pretty good, however it’s even better if you could give it a unique name. 

I saw someone call their program something like Fly Breakthrough Program or maybe that was Fly Coaching Program. The word FLY stands for “First Love Yourself”. It was a program to transform yourself a lot.

The promised result on the other hand would be something like having a six-week program and achieving the result within that time frame. For example “No self-love to feeling deep self-love and acceptance for yourself in six weeks or less”. Something along those lines gives the promised results.

As for us, our promised result is saying how to go from $0-$5k per month to $50k per month in four months or less, which I think is extraordinary. 

 Think of what are the top three core problems that your coaching package has to solve. The best way you should do it is to interview your clients and ask maybe three of them who would actually fit into being your ideal client. You could also ask them what are the top three problems that they’re dealing with right now in their mind, emotionally, or in their behaviors. That way, you’re going to see certain patterns.

 Identify where they are and where they want to be.  Ask your clients what their current situation is now or ask them to describe their daily experience or their daily life, or maybe their daily problems. Then ask them to also tell you what their dream result is, their dream situation, the ideal day or ideal life that they would like to have. That is going to let you see that there’s a bit of a gap there.

Once you identify where they are and where they want to be, you can now write down everything that prevents them from having their ideal situations– one of their limiting beliefs, or one of their fears, or one of the behaviors, or everything that’s missing that stops them from having what they want now. When you write all that out, that’s what you know your coaching package has to solve.

Design the modules or break the course up into weeks. What most of my coaches do is that they offer a six-week coaching program. You could also do four weeks, but the reason why I recommend doing six weeks is because the longer that it goes, generally the less people actually stay committed for. So, the drop off rate goes up generally in packages sometimes, unless you find super committed people. And for me, four weeks sometimes is not enough to get a result, unless you really designed it that way. Once you’ve got that, you can break it up into modules and specify each.

Create emotional breakthroughs for your clients. This is something that I think most coaches miss. I believe that my gift in what I do is I am really good at helping people to have emotional breakthroughs.

You could tell your clients steps like writing some affirmations or writing a gratitude journal which are good. It could help and doing them is fine, but they are conscious-mind activities and for me it’s a bit controversial.

If you really want to give your clients a real emotional breakthrough, you don’t want to give them just conscious-mind activities. You want to give them a subconscious-mind transformation which is where your emotions are. That’s why in the programs that we teach we give tools on how to transform people’s emotions.

If you can help your clients to get rid of their fears, their limiting beliefs, or their most negative stories about themselves, then they’re going to really change and they’re going to want to do more with you and probably going to tell their friends.

➤ Add some bonuses. I think it’s always good. I’ve seen some people give free screensavers which are designed on Canva and some even give free extra PDF. They also give free visualizations for their clients to do in the morning. You can do that too and you can give small little gifts like sending a book or anything that wows your clients. 

➤ Get clear on the price of your course. The price could be low or could be around $500-$1,000, but I recommend charging a medium ticket to a high ticket for your coaching package– anywhere between $1,500 to $5,000 is a great range to charge.

I’ve seen some people let their clients sign up and charge only around $60 a month. Unless you’re getting like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people doing that, then you’re way better off just getting less number of clients at a medium to high ticket offer. That’s what I’ve seen coaches scale the quickest.

If you get five people in at a $2,000 coaching package and you start at five a month, there’s $10,000 a month. But if you got a $100/month package, then you’ve got to get 100 people to do that and you’re going to spend an hour on the phone with someone, unless you’ve got a big brand.

You don’t want to spend an hour on the phone to sell a $100 thing a month. You want to spend an hour on the phone to sell your client a $1500 or a $3000 thing or more if you can.

➤ Have some conditions of the offer.  Maybe it’s seasonal so you run three times a year or four times a year of your coaching package, or maybe you only take a maximum of four clients a month to make it more scarce or more limited. You could also take only 10 people for your coaching package and then sold out. Those are some conditions of the offer you can have. 

➤ Limit the number of people that you take. You could just limit taking only five or 10 clients or how many you want.

➤ Have really captivating visuals. I’m really lucky that I’ve got a great team that creates awesome visuals and are really good at demonstrating the value of what we sell with the branding that they create.

If you don’t have that yet, you could go into Canva and create a big Facebook banner that has a clear picture of you and says the name of the program of what you sell and the promised result. And you’ve got all that on there.

Aside from Canva, you could also create really good visuals of what you sell through an app called which you can use on a mobile phone, on a laptop, or on a computer screen.

Those are the 10 things that you should do to design the ultimate coaching package and I hope that helps and serves you.

Author : Luke Hawkins

Luke Hawkins founded The Neuro Transformation Therapy™ Life Coaching Certification Program with a vision to train the world’s best life coaches who become not only the most successful but produce THE BEST results for their clients. There is a science to creating real transformation and change. Luke shows you how to create these results in your life and the lives of others.

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