How To Get Clients As an Online Coach Without Heights Or a Big Brand

How would you get your coaching business going even if you don’t have a brand, no advertising running, and only have organic sources like your phone? These are the steps that I would recommend you to follow to get paid clients right away.

1. Pick a specific niche, not a general and broad one like “I help people change their mindset” or “I help people become successful”. Get specific. You should pick three core problems and think of the three core solutions that the audience wants which could be:

 “Helping people to become confident.”

 “Helping men with dating.”

 “Helping women to transform their body image.”

 And many more. Pick up something really specific.

2. Update all your social media platforms accordingly and call yourself that type of coach that gives you identity. It could be a confidence coach, anxiety coach, a body image coach, etc. In addition to that, make sure to include who you help so everybody knows who you are and what you do.

You could also put on your bio a one-sentence message which is niche-specific and with a timeframe on it. For example:

“I help women to transform their body image in six weeks or less.”

“I help men to get rid of anxiety and four weeks or less.”

3. Start posting on different social media platforms where your target audience hangs out. It could be on LinkedIn, on Instagram, on Facebook, or maybe on all of them or other ones. Just start telling your story. 

I had a lady that did this. She helps women to lose weight and transform themselves. And nobody knows it, but she actually had been in an abusive relationship when she was about 19 years old. She got pregnant by a guy and experienced domestic abuse. What she did was she started telling a story on Facebook, on Instagram, and on TikTok and not to judge, she blew up.

From a couple of 1000 followers on TikTok, she went to roughly 90,000 followers and was featured on The Daily Mail about twice and a couple of other news publications as well. That just gave her a massive authority.

She then started sharing how she helps women with weight loss and she’s got clients overnight. That’s just from telling a story and I actually couldn’t believe it!

You would start in all your social media posts telling your story from where you were to where you are now and how you’d helped overcome that problem in yourself.

On top of that, you can do value added posts as well. If you start solving the problems for your niche for free, that starts building trust with your target audience and that also starts positioning you as an authority. So, start those posts.

4. Create a Facebook group for your niche. A lot of coaches get stuck with this because what they have is just too general and too broad. That way doesn’t really go anywhere. You’ve got to have a Facebook group that’s targeted for your specific niche and give it a name that your niche would resonate with.

Generally, the way to do that is to go to Facebook’s search bar and search for keywords that relate to your niche. If you do that, you’ll start to see other Facebook group names which will give you ideas. Then, invite people to join the group and do about three posts in a week there.

You might also invite people to the group by just posting on all your social media platforms saying it’s an exclusive group where you give free strategies on XYZ. Once you invite people to the group, you might get 10 to 30 people join a week or even more.  When they join the group, you can message them and offer a free coaching call saying it’s a part of joining your group. You can give them a free piece of value content.

If you do that, you’re gonna stack ideally 5 to 10 coaching calls a week just from inviting people to your Facebook group. You’re probably going to get at least two paid clients a week this way.

As people join, you could also do a competition to get them to invite more people to the group. For example, if they can invite five people to the group and whoever does that can get some free PDF, free video, or some free piece of value content etc. There’s plenty of ways to get people to join a group so you would do that.

The last thing that I would do to get paid coaching clients is a ninja hack. This is probably the easiest way and this is something that I did that blew my coaching business up. This is the number one thing that transformed my business.

5. Work with someone in your niche and create a joint venture. There was a time I went to a network marketing group and a lady reached out to me and asked if I would want to join her network marketing company. She was looking for some people to do so. I told her that I’m not looking to join at the time, but what I do is I actually help network marketers to transform their business and their mindset, and I help them to grow their business rapidly by getting rid of their limiting beliefs and taking massive action. 

Then she realized she needed it. So, I gave her one session and on that session I up-sold her into two more sessions. When I up-sold her into two more sessions she got amazing results. What did that do? She told me to help her whole network marketing team as I was able to give such amazing results for her.

She put me on a group call which was about 30 minutes to 1 hour. During the call I gave what’s called an irresistible offer to that target market which is gonna be a 45-minute call with me and it’s going to cost them about $40 or $50 AUD. I was desperate at the time to broaden my business.

Because I did such a good job of giving value and they positioned me as an authority, I told them to message me if they’re keen or if they want the PayPal link. I also added that I only take 10 people for the call. 

When I opened my Facebook inbox, I’m no joke but I had 30 to 40 messages of people saying they wanted the call with me right away. 

So, I gave the PayPal link, and in one call I had about 30 or 40 paid discovery calls. I probably sold at least half of them a $600-$800 package and there was my business overnight.

I recommend that you find a target audience– somebody that you could do a joint venture with that will definitely grow your business quicker than anything else.

Author : Luke Hawkins

Luke Hawkins founded The Neuro Transformation Therapy™ Life Coaching Certification Program with a vision to train the world’s best life coaches who become not only the most successful but produce THE BEST results for their clients. There is a science to creating real transformation and change. Luke shows you how to create these results in your life and the lives of others.

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