How Your Mind Creates Your Reality

Every second we’re getting 11 million bits of information coming through our five senses. Then what happens is that our brain deletes, distorts, and generalizes those bits of information.

Yes, your brain has three main functions.

First is to delete, which means emitting and cutting out information. Supposing I have a belief that my business can’t grow during these times, I’m going to delete any opportunities or any ways that I could find for it to grow.  I’m going to  delete any possibility from learning that.

The second main function of your brain is to generalize. It goes crazy because it processes everything at once. It creates general things. That’s why when you’re not getting what you want or when a couple of things go wrong in your life, your brain goes like “Oh, this is too hard!”

 The third thing your brain does is it distorts. It creates meaning out of experiences.  You don’t experience reality, instead you experience the meanings you give reality. If you’ve got a whole bunch of negative past experiences  where you’ve never sold your product or service before, your brain goes “Shit! I’ve never sold anything yet?” and then it generalizes.

If you’ve got no past references, you have to find another way to build your belief. You have to go through that decision. So, if you decide you’re bad at tech, you’re never gonna grow. You’ve got to find time to up your skills in tech and in understanding how this computer works. 

All beliefs come with consequences. Every belief. If you say you can learn anything, then you will learn anything.

The strongest thing that’s controlling the behaviors that you produce is your identity and what tears down your identity is your history. Therefore, if you’ve got no history of success, that’s where you’re getting your identity from. Then you’ve got your values or what’s important to you. If money or health is important to you, you’re gonna make different decisions from someone  whose health is lower in their values or whose money is lower in their values.

Then we’ve all got human needs that are driving us. 

First is we all have a need for certainty. We need to feel certain that we can get our survival needs met. We need to feel certain that we’re gonna be comfortable. 

Then, we have a need for variety. We also have the need for uncertainty – for change.

Third is the need to feel special, unique, and important. However, some people feel special, or unique, or important by tearing other people down or by attacking other people. Sometimes the way we get significance is  by judging other people. And they’re all negative ways.

The fourth and last human need is the need for love or connection. We all need to connect with other people to feel loved. That’s probably our biggest driver.  But we shut it down because sometimes, we don’t allow ourselves to give or receive love because of our conditioning. We don’t allow ourselves to receive help. We think we have to please other people all the time.  That probably gives us significance, but it’s the wrong way to get it.

If you’re in business and you’re driven by certainty, it means you won’t do anything different. If certainty is the top need that’s driving you, then you’re always like “Oh, I can’t do anything different because I’ve always got to be certain.” You won’t take any risks. And If you want to be financially successful or if you even want to make an impact in the world, you cannot grow by not taking risks.

When you filter all of these things, that gives you a focus. Then that focus, combined with the physiology plus the weight you use your body produces an emotional state. It’s hard enough enough to be in a higher emotional state because some people will be like “What am I supposed to look forward to?”

Your beliefs create a world of possibility. The biggest thing controlling your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviors is your belief system. Second is your values. These two are the forces controlling every thought, feeling, and behavior. 

You have four sources of belief.

The first place you get your beliefs from is your main environment. 

The second one is from your past events and  past references. 

The third place you get your beliefs from is your alternative sources of knowledge. 

And the fourth place is from the feeling of absolute certainty about what something means. 

So, if you believe you’re intelligent, then you feel certain you’re intelligent. Same goes if you believe you’re good at tech, then you feel certain you’re good at tech.

You create your beliefs by imagination, by visualization, and by affirming statements and saying something to yourself so often with so much emotion.

Those are some big ways I’ve created my beliefs. The reason why it’s important is because you are what you are right now because of what you believe. And if you’re taking no action, it’s because that’s what you believe right now. So to create the future and the way to get there is by believing you’re already there.

Author : Luke Hawkins

Luke Hawkins founded The Neuro Transformation Therapy™ Life Coaching Certification Program with a vision to train the world’s best life coaches who become not only the most successful but produce THE BEST results for their clients. There is a science to creating real transformation and change. Luke shows you how to create these results in your life and the lives of others.

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