May 15-16, 2021 Virtual Experience

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Ignite, love & passion ACADEMY WITH LUKE HAWKINS

Gain the vision to master your intimate relationships

Whether you may be single or a couple learn the purpose of intimacy, communication and discover the hidden emotions in you and your partner.

Explore a inner power 

Learning and explore the subconscious needs of your partner and yourself – identifying your specific individuality to create an atmosphere of love and passion for both.

Enjoy equal participation – take 100% accountability

How to give 100% in a relationship, 
  • Keep an atmosphere of tranquility
  • Equal participation is what leads to a happy life forever
  • How to invest now and invest emotionally.  

Create ever lasting love passion and fulfilment

Improve your quality of thoughts that you and your partner have!

  • Understand your state of mind
  • How to analyse the emotional state of your partner 
  • Provide the ultimate love and passion and allow yourself to receive

Discover how to heal broken relationships

Building the courage to accept the things that we cannot change, and in learning how to accept you can start to build the inner strength to truly heal.

Transforming self for a better relationship

Create a deeper level connection with your partner at a soul level. You can let go of the negative emotions that sabotage a relationship – sabotage that you may have not even realised.

Improve your sexual intimacy

How to live your core sexual essence to maximise attraction and keep the passion ignited forever, explore the tantric chakras that help you master the art of love making.

Spice up your sex life through simple techniques

No matter how many years in a relationship it is possible to reignite the fire!  Identify your deep sexual desires, and you may find it easy to understand your partners desires and expressing your own.


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Couples ticket: $1,997


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