Inner Circle Agreement

At Luke Hawkins (LH), we are honored to have you as a part of our Inner Circle Program. We know with your commitment, this will truly be a life-changing experience for you!

Below, you will find all the details of the Lions Inner Circle Program:

45 Minute Onboarding Session
This is where we help you gain clarity to achieve your goals.

Inner Circle Agreement
You will have four x 1 day Inner circle growth day events OR 4 x 45 minute private 1 on 1 sessions with luke per year. Luke will decide whether you do a growth day or a private 45 minute coaching session every quarter at his discretion. 

Note: If a growth day goes ahead, the growth day date and location is subject to change. 

Weekly Zoom Calls
Each week there is an Online Video Call delivered by Luke which is a Question and Answer format. This call generally runs on a Monday.

There is also a second Weekly Zoom Call, facilitated by Luke or the team who supports all members with their questions. The call takes place at 1:00pm (Sydney, NSW GMT +11) on a Wednesday.

Note: Call times are subject to change. Also, there is up to 8 weeks of the year where there is not a call due to public holidays, Christmas break and trainings Luke is running.

Facebook Group
The Facebook Group we add you to is where you can ask questions and seek unlimited support from our team. This page is also where you will post your Weekly Goals and actions for the week ahead! For Luke and the team to hold everyone accountable, we ask that you post your goals in the group by Monday 11:00am (Sydney, NSW GMT +11) every week.

Facebook Group Chat
This is where we have all members of the group in the chat for people to ask questions.

Lions Den Online Portal
This is where you have access to:
● Marketing funnels
● Ad copy
● Marketing ideas
● Mindset materials
● All live video NLP and Hypnosis Training
● Content (we will be constantly filming and recording content and we put it in the portal)

Modes of Communication (outside the Zoom Call)
For any problem or challenge, we have a few avenues of communication:
1. Ask questions in the Facebook Group or in the Group Facebook Messenger Chat by leaving the Hashtag – #support
2. If you are experiencing a personal problem and it can’t be shared in group, please email

In terms of legal obligations, the following cancellation and transfer policies will be enforced and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Transfer & Cancellation Policy
When payment is made in full or when a deposit is paid, you agree and understand that there is no refunds after that payment is made. You understand if you are on a payment plan, you are liable to honour the payments of the payment plan to which you have agreed to. You understand the fee you have paid and the total fee for the Inner Circle is not transferable to another course or program. You understand if you resign from the program within the 12 month repayment period, you are liable to pay $15,000 for the value of the intellectual property which you have received access to.

You understand if you are on a payment plan with a third party organisation you agree to honour my repayments to the third-party organisation.

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