Neuro Transformation Therapy™ Information​

Congratulations on your interest to pursue the most
fulfilling and rewarding career there is on Earth…
Life Coaching! Whether you wish to learn how to coach
yourself or coach others, this program is for you!

This program is designed to help you master the science of creating immediate & lasting change. We are excited for you to take this journey with us. Whether this is your first coach training or you want to take yourself and your coaching to the next level, this is for you.

I have been pursuing passionately for many years why so many stay stuck in their lives versus those who truly live the life of their dreams. I have discovered there is a science to why people change and there is a science to creating success and results in our lives. You are about to learn what very few know in the personal development field when it comes to Human Behaviour, Trauma, Influence, Communication, Leadership, Transformation and unlocking one’s true unlimited potential.

Let’s make a joint commitment together for you to commit to going through each page in the manual and watching
all the videos so you may truly understand how easy it is to change your life once you decide. For I know
that it is our decisions that have the power to take us to a place we have never been before. The techniques used
in Neuro Transformation Therapy™ are not only going to transform your life but also the lives of others should you decide to go out and share these techniques with the world.

Once you have completed this training you will be certified as a Neuro Transformation Therapy™ Practitioner and Coach to be THE BEST person to see to create change in anybody’s life! You will be unmatched in your capacity to create results in other people’s lives.

Welcome to the journey ahead,
Luke Hawkins


Online Video Training Course + Manual

In this 25-hour Online Video Training course you will be covering the 6 modules designed to teach you all of the Neuro Transformation Therapy™ content. This includes Live demonstrations so you can witness the practical application of the tools and how they transform lives. You will receive an online course manual broken up into 6 sections so you can take notes as you go through all of the 6 modules. You are welcome to pause videos as you like and repeat sections if you wish in order to take notes throughout the course. The theory and the live demonstrations give you a good foundation so when you practically apply the techniques yourself over the 3 day Live Event, you are confident to use the tools yourself. The online course has been recently filmed and provides you with 2-camera angle recordings + slides being shown intermittently to keep you engaged. Luke teaches with passion and you will experience changes as you go through this Online Training Course.

3-Day Live Event – Live  in Sydney or on Zoom

In our Live 3-day hybrid event you will go on a journey of discovery about the self and take a transformation journey where you will be letting go of all the unwanted patterns, behaviours, thoughts and emotions that have kept you stuck. This is an immersive experience which goes from 10am Sydney time to 9pm each day.

Live Course Practitioner Manual

When you attend the 3-day live event either in person in Sydney or on zoom you will receive a new Manual to use specifically for the event. This will give you all the information you need to participate in the event and get the most out of it.

6-Week Breakthrough Program  + Scripts

The 6-week breakthrough program is what you will use to work with the majority of your clients one on one. We explain how to use this in the online training and in the live event. It will lay out the exact steps to follow, the exact questions to ask, and the exact tools to use in order to create a clean transformation for your clients. Our students usually charge $1500 to $5k for this immediately after the training. It involves a 6 week journey with your client which includes 6 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions.

5 Clients in 30 Days Social Media Blueprint

You will receive at the end of the 3 day live event the social media blueprint to attract your first 5 clients in the first 30 days. This will teach you how to specifically use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to attract clients easily and effortlessly. We will be providing you with Social Media posting templates, Chat sequencing scripts and Irresistible offers that your audience cant say no to over the next 30 days straight after the live event! Be prepared to gain massive momentum after the event and gain your first 5 clients!

Lifetime support  our Facebook group &  Phone

As part of joining our community, you will receive access to our Private Facebook Group to ask any questions you may have when working with your clients. All our scripts are contained in the group. We also provide you support via the phone should any of your questions need further clarification. You will join a community of other like minded individuals in the coaching support group and create new lifelong friends!

NTT™ Practitioner & Coach Logos

Once you have been certified you gain access to the Neuro Transformation Therapy™ Practitioner & Coach Logos so that you can upload them onto your social media and website. This helps you gain credibility as a Coach immediately and be used as a way to attract high value clients!


I have personally coached over 2100 people 1 on 1 for anxiety, addictions, phobias, depression, weight loss, quit smoking, PTSD, business coaching, low self esteem, confidence and many other challenging patterns and problems. Because I have created proven evidence based results, we are able to train you to do it for other people.

We currently have over 152 students who started at nothing and are earning 6 figures a year in the coaching space. We also have at least 15+ students we are aware of that came from nothing and are now doing 7 figures a year. We also attracted people that just wanted self transformation and to learn their skills for their career and business. We have had professional athletes, highly successful 9 figure business owners, people who are in or who have served in the police force and military and people in all types of roles and industries.

We use a set of Neuro Transformation techniques that are designed to work with the subconscious mind so we can create permanent and lasting change. I have found these techniques to be the most efficient and effective at creating change as it is a combination of the most powerful techniques for coaching from a range of modalities and approaches. You will be trained to work with anything that walks in the door including (and not limited to): anxiety, addictions, phobias, depression, weight loss, quit smoking, PTSD, business coaching, low self esteem, confidence and many other challenging patterns and problems.

We have trained Over 1800 students since running coaching trainings in September 2015.

If you ever get stuck with a client or need support then first point of contact is the facebook group, then we have phone support if required as well Monday to friday 9am to 5pm sydney time. We provide this for life.

Our brand has been built off the caring and commitment we have to our clients and have many people who have shared this publicly on our Luke Hawkins Facebook page and on google reviews. I have people who have trained elsewhere and then train with us telling us we are the best company they have ever trained with.

The way I know this training is successful for my students is:
a) Has the student shown strong competency in using the techniques in a way that gets results.
b) Is the student confident they can use these techniques on their own and charge their true value?
c) Has the student had the breakthroughs and personal transformation they need so they feel congruent to sell these techniques to others?
d) Does the student enjoy the training and have fun learning the techniques?

No it doesn’t, after you have experienced the breakthroughs and transformation from these techniques yourself, things will become a lot more clearer for that.

Our mission is to help heal people and evolve the consciousness of humanity. In order to do that we need great Coaches and Leaders to be supported not just in the event, but for life.

Yes, you will be able to get both public liability and professional indemnity insurance so you are covered and protected legally to practice.

ou will be receiving scripts for all the different problems you will see, along with the 6 week breakthrough program that most of our clients use and charge $1500-$5k is what most coaches charge starting out. You may start working with paid clients following the last training on August 4. The business training shows you how to get consistent clients for your business. We include a sales training as well so you feel confident to sell to individuals, companies and corporations in an ethical, value based way that serves others.

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