Luke is incredible! What he puts down and the way he creates shifts and transformation in people is immense! My life has shifted SO MUCH! Things are going really fast and I am so so so grateful that I still got to learn from him. Thank you for everything Luke and keep on changing people their lives!!

Yemaya Van de Belt

I went from making $18/hour to more than 10X that amount transforming peoples habits and health around the world! It is so fulfilling to be doing what I love and helping so many.

Bernice Allan

Thanks Luke. You’re a powerhouse of excellence. My most incredible life changing experience which is now opening up doors I’ve only dreamed about in the past. 💕

Libby Dinos

Luke is the driving force everyone needs for immediate life change. When you can’t trust on your own will power, Luke is the power you can trust to get you where you need to go during your training.

Veronica Lees-Amato

What can I say about Luke and his awesome team… I can say that his mission, his passion what he breaths, eats and give to this world is himself! Someone who gives away so much deserves the recognition. Amazing human beings, peak energy, fun, growth, life!.

God bless you Luke and team!

Manuel Bautista Leon

Luke is beyond generous, his energy is over the roof and he is all committed, 200% All in!

I left lighter, with lots of clearing and gratitude for my past! 🔥

Cecile Ana Burton

Luke, I have to share my gratitude with you! Since your course in July, I have made $14K in sales for coaching! Over $5K has already come into my bank, and the rest is on payment plans! I still have 2 confirmed discovery calls this weekend, so another $4K in sales by the end of the week!

This is only the beginning! You have given me such amazing skills that have truly changed my life, and those of the people I have helped so far!

My life will never be mediocre again, and for that I am truly grateful

Kim Brown

Best decision I have made. I was nervous to jump and commit but after talking to Luke I knew I could trust him completely.

Luke has 100% passion for transforming people and puts every bit of energy into supporting you through his course. His mission to make the world a better place is so inspiring and I can guarantee Luke will change your life. 💙

TAKING ACTION is the only way to change your life.

Kerry Hunt

The best investment I have ever made. Amazing things have already happened within the first week of course. And this is only the beginning.

So grateful for the teachings, the connections made with like minded amazing people who are now my extended family…….and incredibly happy it was with Luke Hawkins – what a Master!

With kindness and great appreciation

Thank you Luke

April Robinson-Connell

He is the best of the best! He understands the psychology of human behavior and whatever “problem” you might (think) have, he sees it and knows what to do about it! Stop holding yourself back and give yourself the gift that will transform your life for the better!

Ricardo Gomez

Luke Hawkins is very focused and passionate at what he does, not only did he help me kick my procrastination, he also helped awaken me. Luke Hawkins has a mission to help others. I am grateful that I can now help others as Luke Hawkins and his team has helped me 💗💪🔥🙏🌟

Louise Sneekes

Hands down one of the best trainers and events I’ve ever attended. Luke’s enthusiastic attitude is contagious and his commitment and determination towards his students and their success is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. If you haven’t trained with Luke Hawkins you are missing out!

Ella Worsley

I’ve done a lot of personal development over the years and I’m so so glad that I decided to work with Luke and further my coaching skills. BEST DECISION EVER!!!

Not only did my skills increase and so did my confidence, my clarity in mission, and above all that, the ongoing support is incredible.

Whether you attend for personal or business, I’m sure it’ll be one of your greatest decisions to help improve your life.

Super grateful, hungry and committed.

Renee Catt

I have always wanted to serve others & I had some skills but not enough to deliver true transformation. Since completing Luke’s course last month I now have the skills & the confidence to go out & make the world a better place. A client has committed to paying me $6000 for 8hrs of my time, I am touring Australia for the next 8 months from October doing workshops & 2 day seminars & this is all because I attended Luke’s course & played full out. I have met some amazing friends & my heart explodes for Luke Hawkins on the daily. Thank you for helping me level up & experience the highest level of forgiveness in my personal life. 🙏🏻

Jessica Palmer

What an amazing experience the past 6 days have been would be an understatement, I signed up to training with Luke not really knowing why but it felt right, I am so bloody pleased I said YES, I have come out of training with this incredible man a totally different person, a better person, for the first time in a very long time I can say that I love myself. Follow your gut, I promise you, you will not regret it, this will change your life forever! Thank you Luke

Kylie Page

Luke Hawkins is a person who leads by example and applies everything he teaches. He is a true inspiration to us all and if you want to learn from the best, Luke Hawkins Coaching is where you need to be! He puts his heart and soul into every minute of his classes, as does every assistant that helps him. I am so blessed for being introduced to him and so grateful I committed to his classes.

Kane McCallum

Life changing! In less than a week my entire business has shifted! I am clear in my direction and know exactly where I am going! Luke and the team definitely have created a movement to prove why we all need to speak our truth and I am so honoured I get to be part of it! I cannot thank these guys enough for the extra effort they give and ongoing support! It truly is a family collective!! Luke I will be forever grateful for you.

Casey Warwick

Luke’s course was the best I have ever done in the personal development realm. I have done another course before which was not nearly as through or in depth as Luke’s. Great skills learned as well as my own breakthroughs.

I would highly recommend for anyone looking to better their thoughts, beliefs or circumstances.

Devan Wickline

Luke Hawkins has absolutely changed mine and hundreds of other lives. He and his team have only one mission to help and change as many lives as possible. If you know you have something more but have been struggling to fulfil your potential Luke is the one who can get you to higher levels. Luke is different than others in this business as it’s not at all about the money but about helping people. He doesn’t only give unending amounts of great value but he also takes you by the hand and gives practical steps to implement it in your life that it stays there forever. He starts with finding you so you can start from there with finding the calling of life. He does this for a greater purpose and let me guarantee you Luke Hawkins will change your life for the better. Thank you!

Kobe Van den Putte

Recommended is an understatement, if you want to take control of your life Luke is a must. You will learn to free yourself from carrying the chair on your shoulders. The dead weight that you carry in your mind, that one thing that has stopped you living the life you desire. I learnt more in 5 days about myself and how to succeed in this course, than in 5 years of education. Do not hesitate. Luke is an unstoppable force, you will be left with the power and tools to be a millionaire and have all the love you desire, your only regret will not be taking the action to work with Luke sooner – the next best time is now. My life is now full of love, passion and purpose. I’m certain that’s what you want, isn’t it? The only thing that can hold us back is our mindset, what Luke has mastered. Thank you Luke. If you are contemplating a life change – just take the leap of faith. I promise you, it will be the best decision you have ever made.

Jayden Anker

WOW! Absolutely incredible and life-changing! Luke absolutely over delivered and gave us so much value and practical action steps that we could apply to our life right away and see massive changes happen immediately!

I loved his way of presenting and teaching the course, he is incredibly patient, entertaining and has the most amazing energy! You could truly feel that he put his whole heart and a ton of love, passion and intent into this course and that he genuinely cares about every single one of his student’s success…and that is exactly why he attracts the most amazing people, you will love his team and his students and you’ll make friends for life!

Honestly just sign up and see the magic happen for yourself, no words will do it justice! Thank you Luke and team for an unforgettable experience!

Judith Williams