Structured Coaching Business Models For Beginners to Advance

I’m going to give you a coaching business model. 

This is for those who maybe haven’t been trained as a coach yet, who actually have been doing coaching for a little while who are earning less than $10,000 a month or less than 30,000 a month. This is also for those who may be earning between $30,000 to $100,000 a month. I’m going to break it into beginners, intermediate and advanced.

For someone who hasn’t had 10 paid clients I’m gonna put you in the beginner category. So, what should be the coaching business model for a beginner who’s never seen less than 10 paid clients?

The first step to your business model is starting with a sales call or a strategy call, or a “change your life” session, or an initial consultation with your potential new clients. You either charge $50- $100 for that or do it for free. Then, you should sell them a program which should be one to one. 

It would be good for you to get at least 10 paid clients, one to one. Before you move to one to many, if you can sell your one to one program to clients, you’re going to get a stack of positive testimonials or positive success stories which will make it a lot easier for you to sell the one to many later on. That’s going to give you a lot higher return on your time. 

Most of our coaches offer like a six week one to one program for an hour and a half a week. You could do something like that or give people a number of sessions. But for what we train people in, it’s six weeks, and it’s about $1500 to $3000. That’s what most people charge starting out. Some also charge more than that, but they get about 10 clients that way.

Now, you’re really moving and you’re getting great results from this six week program, they’re going to refer people and it’s going to really gain momentum. 

For beginners once again that is a sales call, strategy call, initial consultation, or whatever it is and it could be $50- $100, or it could be free. And then sell them to a one on one program, generally about six weeks is ideal, $1500-  $5000 and that should get 10 paying clients.

For intermediate or advanced if you reached at least 10 paying clients, then I recommend you to get to one to many as soon as possible. Why? Let’s say you’ve got 10 clients and it’s $2,000 for a six-week program and it’s nine hours for example, for that program you have $20,000. And if you’ve got to do 90 hours, you’re probably going to get paid around $150- $300 an hour. 

And if I put 10 people in a group program at $2,000, that’s $20,000. And let’s say it was nine hours, I’m now getting not like 200/hour, but about $2200 which is crazy as it is 20 times higher return on my time. 

The goal should be to start with a sales call similar before then sell. The next thing that you should sell on your coaching business model is a one to many medium to high ticket program. That program ideally should be charged $1500 to $5000. You should put in a time period which ideally is six weeks or in a shorter period of time. That way, you are getting paid a much higher rate. 

After that, what you should sell in your value ladder is another one to many high ticket program. I have a guy right now who’s doing this and he’s charging $6,000 for six months. He’s getting it all up front because he’s found a company that loans people their money and gives him that money up front too. He’s charging a high amount for that and is giving them one call a week. He’s also got a portal where they get all this free extra value– they get videos in there, all the courses etc. That’s just a very little one to one.

Some people go one to many and then one to one and it’s like one to many was two grand and then one to one was four grand. That makes the one to many way more appealing and I think that’s a good scenario as well. But the best case scenario is only one to many and the one to one being super expensive.

So, those are the two ways for beginners and intermediate or advanced. That’s how I would think. But if you’re intermediate or advanced and you’ve seen more than 10 paying clients, then you want to make your one on one definitely significantly more expensive than your one to many, because that’s going to make it way more appealing then, that’s what I really recommend.

Author : Luke Hawkins

Luke Hawkins founded The Neuro Transformation Therapy™ Life Coaching Certification Program with a vision to train the world’s best life coaches who become not only the most successful but produce THE BEST results for their clients. There is a science to creating real transformation and change. Luke shows you how to create these results in your life and the lives of others.

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