Lesson 3.1 – Construct Your Value Ladder For Your Ideal Client

A value ladder is a series of products or services that increase in price and also increase in value that the client gets. Generally you start from cheaper to more expensive and then the value increases proportionally. Remember your job in business is to add MORE value than ANYBODY else.

You want a series of products and services. Now there is SO many options for this. You could have…

  • a $20 20 minute wealth activation audio

  • a $27-$300 masterclass (1.5-3 hour live video recordings of you or of a computer screen teaching content), you can actually do a few of these
  • You sell an online course for $97-$3997 that you record all these live videos and worksheets for and put it Kajabi (which is an online course platform that is relatively priced or a free online course platform called Teachable). They could be put into a fb group with other students. This could be what’s called an evergreen product where it requires no time from you, or one where it does require time from you for example a weekly/fortnightly or monthly call.
  • You could sell a 1 to many online 6 week course for $997-$4997 or even more where they get one call a week and are put in a FB group and have to watch 1-7 videos a week and do 1-3 pieces of homework each week that is shown in PDF’s they receive. They could have to do tasks that require them to post or share or do things on social media and tag you and/or other people. This helps to increase your following. We have had many students sell a 6 week online course for $1997 up front or $2497 on a payment plan with a $1500 deposit
  • You could sell a live event that is 3-6 hours, a 1 day event, 2 day event, 5 day event, 7 day event , 10 day event etc. It could be a regular event, a training or a retreat for example
  • and many more

In my personal opinion I recommend online courses/products/services when starting out as live events have bigger overheads and costs. Unless you are aware of the costs (which you can ask us about if you wish) and know you have the ability to monetise it, then its good to start online. Most coaches I’ve seen go from a laser call or a discovery call to a 6 week group online course or a 5 day challenge to a discovery call which leads into a 6 week online course where they get one group call a week and a few videos to watch and/or a few weekly tasks to do in PDF format. Or they are just kept accountable each week to their goals. The slideshow is shown on zoom or goto webinar which is a program. I recommend zoom to start.

These are examples. By no means do you have to copy mine because there are so many adaptations to this that can work and scale differently and better. It’s what works for you. When you construct your value ladder ask yourself the following questions…

What will give me the best margins (costs/expenses vs profits) or margins I am happy with?

What will give me the lifestyle I want?

Is this value ladder sustainable and scalable?

How do I construct this value ladder so that its the best use of my time, money and energy?

What series of products and services and programs will make it easy for my clients to buy and use it? E.g. a 20 day straight program in a room or even a 14 or 16 day straight program makes it very hard for people to get that much time off consecutively.

What is the maximum number of people I can take?

Are there any limits to my model, if so what are they?

Have I weighed up the pro’s and con’s of my value ladder?

Note: If you have a continuity program at the end that is something good to consider as well. Netflix works coz they have 100 million people plus paying $10US a month. Thats a great continuity program! Mine is my inner circle. Other people can have one and it doesn’t involve their time at all. Any subscription model is also something to consider.

Once you have answered these questions above the only way to know anything is to trust your gut and you will only know once you’ve done it for long enough, whether it’s right for you or not. So go for it!

Come up with your own value ladder below and just come up with the basic outline of it. You don’t need the names of the programs just yet if you don’t have them. The content for these programs we will help you with!

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