Lesson 4.1 – Identify Your USP

Your USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition. 

This is what differentiates you from the competition and makes you stand out and different. You want to language this in a way so your clients know it and your staff know it! If you don’t have staff yet then its important it starts with you!

Please answer the following questions…

1. What products or services are you selling?

E.g. Business transformation course to help business owners get to 7 figures.

2. Who is your target audience? (do this in high chunk, examples are given below)

Person 1: Business owners who are currently on $50k to $200k per year and are doing it all on there own and need help building a marketing system , a sales system, a value ladder, a system for hiring talent and need help creating the right psychology to get to 7 figures. 

Person 2: the person who is in full time work but has a side hustle that wants to go full time. They have fears and limiting beliefs holding them back. They struggle getting leads and struggle getting sales. 

Person 3: this person has a small team and wants help with leadership or hiring more talent. They are stressed with their team members who are not performing. 

3. What does your business do well?

E.g. We provide the biggest breakthroughs in mindset, provide the greatest training in sales mastery , provide the simplest, easiest way for business owners to generate unlimited leads on demand. Offer the best ongoing support for 3 years. 

4. What is your most important customer-focused business goal?

E.g. Helping our clients create unlimited leads on demand, sell their products and services easily and create a framework in which they can scale to make their greatest impact in the world! 

5. What are The main Problem of your clients?

Not knowing the right vehicle (business) to build
Not knowing the right products or services to offer
Struggling to get leads
Struggling to close sales
Mindset stops you from taking consistent action
No system or framework for scaling – hiring/recruitment/etc

6. What is Your Solution?

Our 7 figure academy solves this problem by helping you to create your value ladder in the event (the series of products and services you can sell) , find the right business, right products and right services you want to build, teach you how to get unlimited leads on demand, teach you how to sell those leads easily and effortlessly and convert them into dollars, provide you with a system for growing your business so you can hire A players and actually create freedom in your business which happens through scale. 

7. What are your Differentiators? Identify them!

This step focuses on identifying what it is about your solution to your customer’s problem that is different, or better than, the solution your competition offers. The value you identify here will be one of the primary reasons why your customers will choose you instead of a competitor.

E.g. What we do different is our method for obtaining high quality leads is the simplest, easiest and most cost effective strategy to attain leads. Our Sales training is the best at actually getting you to gain competency to turn leads into dollars immediately. We are the best at breaking you through the thought patterns and emotional patterns that have stopped you from taking immediate consistent action in your business.

8. Make a Promise. What is your brand promise?

E.g. By the time you leave the training you will have leads in your inbox wanting to buy your product or service and you will have an easy to follow sales process to close those leads on demand and turn them into dollars. If this system is consistently followed, you will produce a high revenue business that can scale and take you to 7 figures and beyond. 

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