Lesson 5.1 – Build Your Personal Facebook Page

You want to have your personal Facebook page represent who you are and what you do. The reason why is this helps attract your ideal client and allows people to start talking about you. You want to position yourself as an authority in the marketplace.

Note: when doing the following changes on your Facebook page make sure it looks good on desktop and mobile view. Sometimes the only way to know is to make the following changes and post it on your page and see how it looks on your mobile and delete it quickly and start again if it doesn’t fit the dimensions on mobile correctly.
Please do the following…

Go to your personal Facebook page and give yourself a title of what you do. That title could be NLP Master Coach, Breakthrough Coach, Conscious Coach, Breakthrough Expert, or Founder, Director, CEO at (business name). The business name could be your personal name or a regular business name. Liberation coach, etc.

Change The Intro on your personal Facebook page: The Intro on your personal Facebook profile must state what you do. It is done in the format of I ….. And then state benefit that would compel your target audience to be interested. E.g. ‘I help business owners to breakthrough their limitations and create massive success.’ or ‘I help business owners save 10 hours of time a week so they can do what they love’ or ‘I coach mums on hour they can create happiness and joy within and be the woman they were born to be.’ or ‘I help coaches get unlimited leads for their business and turn it into massive profits’ ‘I help men to awaken the fire within to claim their ultimate life’ ‘I help single women to attract the man of their dreams’.

Update/Change/ Check your Profile picture: You want this to be a photo of your face, or of your face and body. This picture has to be good lighting and can clearly see you. If its a professional photo or looks professional that is best. You want it to reflect you and the brand you represent.

Banner photo: Change or update or check your banner photo on your personal page. The banner photo is the long photo at the top of your page. You want the banner photo to be a picture of you. Now to complement that photo you can just have your name written in powerful text next to your photo. Or you can have a photo of you and a short sentence of what you do. E.g. ‘take your business to the next level’ or ‘awaken the Goddess within’ ‘unleash your inner radiance’. When I started the brand expert recommended me to just put my name on the banner photo as it sparked curiosity. This is the link of what I had when I started: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152872613116761&set=a.10150666747106761.384504.551266760&type=3&theater

You can also have a banner that states the program you’re offering. I had a banner that described the 12 week weight loss hypnosis program I was offering. Looking back I wish I made it 6 weeks or 8 weeks max. But this link shows you what I had: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152461525026761&set=a.10150666747106761&type=3&theater

Or you could have a different Facebook banner that has a picture of you and says what you do. E.g. Body Confidence Coach. And it includes things you help with like -Love your body – Unlock your feminine sensuality – Transform your inner radiance

Remember you want everyone to see you as an authority and the expert at what you do and trigger curiosity!

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