Step 6.5 – Create And Fill A Facebook Group

A Facebook group is a geat way to create a target audience and build value to a specific group of people who you then later can pitch your products and services to. I highly recommend you start a facebook group. You want it to be on something you are passionate about. Some examples of facebook groups like women empowerment, or body transformation/health, masculinity, confidence, freedom, success, a life on your terms, wealth creators, business, marketing, etc. If you want an example of what one could like this is my group: and you can join it as well if you’re not part of it yet. There’s plenty of groups you could search and see which ones are successful and join them.

When you create a group Its important to create group rules you can model similar to mine or any other group that you find that you like.

How to get people to join your facebook group:
a) You can do facebook lives and say at the beginning and/or at the middle and/or at the end ‘for anyone that wants to join my exclusive community/group where I share my secret tips on mindset, how to create the life you’ve always wanted and all the strategies to create a successful and happy life write the word ‘yes’ below and I’ll add you in. then at the end of the live you invite all the ones that said yes to the group.’

b) Do a post that has a coloured background to it (look up on youtube if you don’t know how) and you do a post saying comment yes below if you’d like to join my special facebook group for hungry entrepreneurs or heart centred women ,etc. e.g….

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c) Make one of your display photos a picture of you and include in the post of it a link to your group. You can put text on the photo by going to

The link to the photo I did where I put text on it is here:

d) You can just invite people to it without asking if you think they would like to be apart of it. Its just riskier to upset people that way. I’ve added a couple of people this way but only a few who I knew who would like to be in it.

e) You could run a competition where you ask people to invite 5 people to the group and with each person who does that at the end of the 3 days or 5 days for example you will draw their name out of the hat and that person wins a prize. They could win a free coaching session or $100 or $500 or some amount of money or anything they value. This will also help boost group numbers.

e) If you type in google how to grow a facebook group theres plenty of ways in there.

Task: Create your facebook group, give it a banner that is a picture of you and what the group name is or it could be a lead magnate that promotes something you’re offering, you can use the ways above to start filling it.

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