Step 6.6 – Strategy 1 – The FB Live to FB Message to Phone Call Strategy

The FB Live To FB Message To Phone Call Strategy
FB lives are a great way to generate leads as FB lives help you best connect with your audience and research has shown they are 6x more likely to be seen than a regular written post with a photo. And they are 10x more likely to be seen that just a regular written post with no photo.

One thing I did to build my coaching business/training company was I did 3 lives a week between 7pm-8:30pm, which was the popular time for my audience to be on facebook. I recommend you do an absolute minimum of 2 lives a week and ideally 3 lives a week to gain trust and a relationship with your audience. I would give value for all three of the lives and I would think of what the top problems of my audience are and I would solve it on my lives and talk about it. One out of every three lives or every now and then I would offer people to book 2 free 15 minute laser calls I was offering and if I didn’t do that I would ask people to just write the word ‘yes’ if they wanted to join my private facebook group. I would get to add about 10+ people to my group per live.

For ideas for facebook lives I would just think of what are the top 10 problems of my ideal client and I would solve that problem on my live and tell them how to do it. I would share stories and metaphors and I would just share what I am passionate about. I would also research on youtube the morning of or the night before stories or ideas to share from youtube videos from people like Zig Zigler, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Grant Cardone, Ed Mylett, Oprah Winfrey etc.

When I thought of the top problems my audience were facing I came with ideas like….

  • The 3 steps to master self confidence
  • The 4 keys to transforming your health
  • How to get the body you’ve always wanted
  • How to overcome the fear of rejection/fear of failure/fear of what other people think
  • The 5 keys to success or
  • How to love yourself when you don’t feel like it – they are just all some ideas.

The format I use for a facebook live is:

The preparation:
a) Make sure that you have good lighting (bad lighting or darkness on your face makes it hard for people to connect with you)
b) make sure that the camera is eye level (that you are not looking down on your audience or you are not looking up at them)
c) I get myself in a peak state and fire my anchor to get into my heart and in an energetic state.

The delivery
Introduce topic: say what you are going to talk about and I thank people as they come on in the beginning

Why: say why your topic is important. This is so important because….. . or give some metaphor of someone who used this and how it changed their life (you don’t have to know them)

What: just introduce a point. Now after I introduce a point its great to tell a metaphor that explains the point or a story of someone who is successful who uses it or who has used it or someone you have worked with that used it to speak to their unconscious mind. Then for each point its great to throw a quote in at the end (this is optional though and will happen as you get better)

How: then I just say how to apply it in their life

What if (optional) then I just go through some what if scenarios about the topic. E.g. ‘if you struggle with this then do this…’

Optional: Use scarcity and urgency to offer something. e.g. offer 2 spots to a program you are running. Or ‘I’m giving away 2x 15 minute laser coaching calls for free for those who are wanting to get rid of any bad or unwanted habit or solve any problem they are currently experiencing, the first 2 people to inbox me get one, so inbox me now. (you can give a social proof story here of someone you worked with if you have one or if you want)

The follow up
You must follow up each person who liked or commented on your live to get organic leads. For anyone who has liked or commented on your lives if they comment you definitely comment back but I also recommend writing them a private message. In the private message you can say something along the lines of “hey _, how you been? Thanks so much for liking/commenting on my live. Means a lot”

They will say something like’ yeah I’ve been good thanks , just x, y and z. what about you?’

You: something along the lines of ‘yeah I’ve been good as well just been working hard which as been good. I was actually wandering if you were free to catch up, did you have a min for me to call sometime today or tomorrow?’

60-70% of people if you know them on some level will say ‘yeah sure I’m free __ (time). ‘

You: ah great. What was your mobile? Mines 0411111111.

Then they will give you their number and you call them and then use the phone sales script to put them into a discovery session.

I believe if you follow this strategy and do 3 lives a week and follow up with a message to everyone who likes and comments on your post you can easily book in 5 discoveries a week and close $1000’s a week in coaching clients. I give the video version of this strategy here:

Strategy goes: Facebook live – fb message them – call them – discovery call where you close on a coaching package or whatever your product or service is.

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