Step 6.7 – How To Do A Facebook Post That Gets Great Engagement

How To Do A Facebook Post That gets Great Engagement!
Let me start out by saying the reason why you want engagement.

You want engagement because the more you are seen by people the more people trust you and see you as an authority. The mere exposure effect says people buy what they see frequently enough. And it has to be wanted communication, not unwanted. The minute someone sees someone getting a-lot of likes or comments that subconsciously triggers the social proof bias in their brain that says I can trust this person.

There’s 3 main cognitive biases that cause people to engage…

Relatability bias: this is probably the strongest bias in the brain where people engage with and buy from people they can relate to. If people can see themselves in you and you were where they are and you are now where they want to be then they will be pulled to trust you and engage with you because they can see it’s possible and they can see you are just like them.

Authority bias: if you are seen as an authority people will engage with you, respect and/ or trust you. If you come from a place of no ego this works best.

Social proof bias: as soon as people see enough of their friends (generally at least 2) buy a product or service or support you they subconsciously start to trust you. The trust you have with their friends or family will be transferred to them.

I am looking for trends of what got engagement on my posts. The most important thing of all is that I have always been me, my authentic self. So people connect to the truth of who you are.

I am going to share lots of photos of below of the types of posts that worked for me how I got everyone to know that I taught NLP, how I got everyone to relate to me, how I got people to be inspired, how I got quite reasonable engagement. You’ll notice that I use a variety of the cognitive bias that cause people to like your posts, engage and make decisions. There is a-lot of fun in my posts, there is entertainment, there is realness (people connect with that), there’s energy behind what I post, there’s relatability, theres social proof, there’s sheer repetition of NLP to get everyone to have me in their minds when they think of NLP, there’s also celebration posts of people signing up (this works real well to gain momentum), each person that signed up very often I celebrated it and i tried to mix it up in the celebration post to do something that would get attention or it would be a clear face shot of me, which gets great engagement generally.
You’ll notice in my sales posts I give value as well to intend to inspire or connect with people, I aim to share things that are similar to the beliefs and values of my audience. I never say things to attack my audience or separate myself from them, or blame them etc.

The time you post is also important. You want to make sure that you post at times where its the peak time your audience is on. Or at least a time you know you will be able to give yourself a chance to get engagement.

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To generate leads: Use the FB message strategy as you did for the facebook lives except follow up each person that comments on your post, make sure you comment back and then send them a private message to get their phone number. You follow the exact same script as when you are following up people after the facebook live. Now what will happen is you will also get people write to you and be interested in your products and services because my posts are a form of attraction marketing. It’s rare that I say ‘buy my course now’ because if I do that less people will like it.

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