Step 6.8 – Post In Different Facebook Groups

Post In Different Facebook Groups
If you look on Facebook in the search bar you will be able to find facebook groups very often which is where your target audience hangs out. This is a free and easy way to generate leads. I have got quite a number of leads from facebook groups in the past and sold them into programs. If you are really struggling to get free leads I recommend you post in up to 10-30 facebook groups a day. That will get you everywhere and people will start to know who you are.

Here is the strategy on how to do it: get some professional looking photos of yourself, which you can easily take on your phone or pay someone to do it if you like. Then go onto and wrote some quotes and put them on your pictures or hire someone to do it and post them in different groups to get people to know you and know what you do. You just type in the facebook search words for the people you are looking to target. E.g. ‘weight loss, or body transformation, or anxiety groups, or depression groups, or bag a bargain groups or buy swap and sell groups.’ Some students posted their quit smoking posts in these groups and got a lot of interest. Note: in the bag a bargain or buy swap and sell pages you get a lot of people who you may not want to add to your friends lists because they may just want to be victims rather than solve it. So just screen people before you ask them to be your facebook friend. In some of the groups if they comment on your posts id recommend you to comment back and add them to your personal facebook page and/or write them a private inbox message with the goal of getting their phone number to put them in a session.

Don’t forget when I do it chunk down on how to do each irresistible offer and give examples of posts that work

Lesson 4: Start a business Facebook page
Now we recommend if you are starting out you spend more time building your personal page friends list and engagement first, however you still need a business page. If you are further along the journey then it is important to get your business page to get high engagement as well as your personal.

The following steps are for your business page if you haven’t done so already..

Create your business page name: You want the business page to say the name of your business. If its your personal name you could register yourself as a public figure or as a service based company.
If you are looking for tips or a page to model you can check out mine at and also if you can feel free to give it a like and leave a review

Fill out the about section and your hours of operation and all the sections of the page.
You can see what I have filled out in the about section and that I have photos of me etc. I recommend you take some photos of you or find a photographer to get some professional photos done. This is optional if you have a low budget but it is quite cheap probably to get done. If you are doing professional photos note that photos of the back or the back of the hands get less engagement than the front view of the body and face.

3) Send out a like request to everyone on your facebook list. The best way to do this is not even look at who you are requesting to like it just press the button to invite them to like it. If you don’t know how to do this you could search it on youtube but it is easy to do.

Your aim is to get as many people as possible to know who you are and what you do as possible.

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