Where Are Your Clients?

Where Are Your Clients?

Once you know who you are targeting, now you have to know where they are. You don’t want to fish in the wrong place and you want to get the best return on your time, money and energy. 


Answer the following questions: 

1. Where can you find them (your ideal client(s))? 

2. Where do they hang out online? Are they on FB or Instagram or Linked In or somewhere else or a combination of these (actually think about and find out where they are)?  

3. What FB groups are they apart of? (note: in the address bar at the top of facebook you can search facebook groups for entrepreneurs, weight loss groups, buy swap and sell groups, weight loss groups, women entrepreneur groups, Tony Robbins groups (there is a UPW group for many countries/cities. E.g. Singapore, Sydney, Dallas, Miami, Date with Destiny etc) 

4. What email newsletters do they subscribe to?  

5. What blogs do they read? Huff post or elephant journal for example.  

6. What podcasts do they listen to? (you could be a guest on that podcast and ask for them to follow you if you’re allowed)

7. What other interests do they have? Do they like sports or the arts? How about fishing or race cars? Do you they go or like spiritual festivals (e.g. mind body spirit, or psychic fairs)  

8. Create a list of people who you could create a joint venture with who sell your audience something else in a non competitive way. For example if you are a gym you could JV with a supplement store. If you teach

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