Step 7.12 – Facebook Ad Analytic Goals

Facebook Ad Analytic Goals

Here is a breakdown of our goals for Facebook Messenger Ads.    Ideally, we want a smaller audience size (reach) when we begin, our goal is to be under (or around) the 10,000 people mark.    The more someone sees our ad, the higher the chance they’ll click on it. By having a smaller audience size we can increase the frequency of times someone sees our ad (this is relative to budget too). Frequency doesn’t matter as much as the other analytics though – as a good offer and ad will still convert even if the frequency is 1.    CPC (cost per click) is the very first indicator of how well the ad is going and hence, should be a trigger to kill or scale future ads depending on how your number compares to our goal. Ideally you’d want a CPC under $0.50 for a solid ad, however a quality click at $1.50 is fine too.    Unique Link Clicks means someone has clicked the CTA on the bottom of your ad and is interested in hearing more. The cost of this will always be more than CPC, however if this is higher than $3 you need to redo your offer, ad and call to action, to try and get this cost down.    Cost per message obviously shows how much it costs one person to message you. If this number is higher than $10, there’s a breakdown on the default answers you’ve given then user. Improve / limit / reduce your options and your cost per message will improve. If you have a great ad and an irresistible offer, your cost per message may be as low as $2/message!    In terms of scaling an ad – make sure you know your numbers and the income you’re bringing in from closing, but essentially, you can double your budget on an ad set every day until it’s no longer profitable (or you can’t handle the ads and need to rejig your business model / funnel).   

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