Helping and inspiring people to create and live a life of their highest expression.

Luke specialises in business growth and personal transformation.

Through his seminars, workshops and study courses, he has transformed the lives of thousands of people.

Personal Transformations

Live your best life, reach your potential & become an inspiration to others.

Business Transformations

Grow your business. Turn it into a money making machine that works for you.

Spiritual Transformations

Understandings and insights to feed your soul & human spirit. 

Hundreds Of Satisfied Clients

He is the best of the best! He understands the psychology of human behaviour and whatever “problem” you might (think) have, he sees it and knows what to do about it! Stop holding yourself back and give yourself the gift that will transform your life for the better!

Ricardo Gomez

Life changing! In less than a week my entire business has shifted! I am clear in my direction and know exactly where I am going! Luke has created a movement to prove why we all need to speak our truth! I cannot thank these guys enough for the extra effort they give and ongoing support! Luke I will be forever grateful for you.

Casey Warwick

Hands down one of the best trainers and events I’ve ever attended. Luke’s enthusiastic attitude is contagious and his commitment and determination towards his students and their success is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. If you haven’t trained with Luke Hawkins you are missing out!

Ella Worsley


Are you an entrepreneur? Are you a business owner? Are you earning the money and rewards that you want in your business? Have you ever wondered, what creates the difference in the level of success of a business? Realise right now that skill is NOT what makes one person better than the other. People can have more skills than someone in any area of life, however, it is rather the ability to MAXIMISE your skills through your PSYCHOLOGY that ultimately determines your success. Success = 20% Skill and 80% Psychology!

So if 80% of your success is based on psychology, how do we capitalise on this power? It is important to know that 95% of your behaviours are controlled by your Unconscious Mind, and only 5% by your Conscious Mind. Therefore, the key to your success lies in your Unconscious Mind. Imagine what you could do with an extra 95%, would that be something worth activating?

The world is a reflection of your consciousness – your wealth and your success in all areas of life is a barometer of your unconscious programming and conditioning. If you are not satisfied with your results in your business or you want to revolutionise them – then its time to find out how you can step up to the big game.

A business and its employees are like a soccer team on a field; You have a coach, some managers underneath and then you have all your players. How do you improve the performance of your team? How do you get all your players to play to the best of their ability throughout the ENTIRE game? What if one of your star players starts to influence the team in the wrong direction? Or if one of the players gets lazy and starts to cost the team, How do you handle that? There is only one answer… hire someone from the outside who specializes in Maximising Performance!

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