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How To Get Clear On Your Niche

A niche is a group of people who are clustered together with similar attributes and these people can be clustered in any way, shape, or form. This is key because every dollar that you spend on marketing is based on how well you know your niche. It’s how well you understand people’s problems and the way that they think their problems are.


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Niche is not something general, it’s choosing a group of people that have similar demographics– might be similar types of work, similar age range, gender, interests, relationships, marital status, or even similar problems. They might also have a similar dream situation which means they have similar ideal solutions.


If I’m working with someone for weight loss and their top problem is that they don’t like the body they have, my solution is to help them lose weight. That’s an example of a one-problem solution for a niche.


So, here’s the five niche formulas:


1. Choose a similar demographic. The current situation of one person must be similar to the others. Therefore, they’ve got similar problems that they want to solve. Now, your goal is to help them get to that desired situation, whatever it may be. Additionally, there’s a certain level of how painful this problem is for them– probably on a scale of zero to 10–zero being the lowest pain and 10 being the highest.


So, if I’ve got a broken arm and I can’t move, the level of pain for me to see a doctor or get it fixed is likely 10. But, if I just got a scratch on my arm, the level of my pain is a lot less.


You need someone who’s got a high level of pain. But you should know that most people would do far more to avoid pain than they will to move towards pleasure.

2. Spend time with your clients. An important thing you also need to decide what your niche is your willingness to spend time with them. You have to love and enjoy spending time with them.

3. Be passionate. Being passionate about doing whatever it is you’re doing would create a really big impact. If you’re selling your service where you paint houses, then maybe you’d done that before. You surely knew how that works. Even so, if you’re not passionate about it, it’s not the ideal thing for you.

4. Look at the fabric of your past clients.  Sometimes it helps to look who you’ve worked with in the past because that helps you to come up with one now.


5. Make sure you are paid. You might be super passionate about helping homeless people at the front of a bus shelter, you might love to spend time with them, and they might have a problem that you solve– getting rid of their anxiety, but if they don’t have  the money to pay you to run your business long term, then the business is going to go down. 


When that’s the case, it’s better to make some money from your other ideal clients, than just handing money out to homeless people or donating to charity. 

Know that you also need to have a big enough market for what you sell. Kodak went out of business because of Instagram. If it was still selling, we had to come to the shop to develop our photos. But Instagram popped up and they have a very good market.


Luke Hawkins



How Your Mind Creates Your Reality

Every second we’re getting 11 million bits of information coming through our five senses. Then what happens is that our brain deletes, distorts, and generalizes those bits of information.

Yes, your brain has three main functions.


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First is to delete, which means emitting and cutting out information. Supposing I have a belief that my business can’t grow during these times, I’m going to delete any opportunities or any ways that I could find for it to grow.  I’m going to  delete any possibility from learning that.

The second main function of your brain is to generalize. It goes crazy because it processes everything at once. It creates general things. That’s why when you’re not getting what you want or when a couple of things go wrong in your life, your brain goes like “Oh, this is too hard!”

 The third thing your brain does is it distorts. It creates meaning out of experiences.  You don’t experience reality, instead you experience the meanings you give reality. If you’ve got a whole bunch of negative past experiences  where you’ve never sold your product or service before, your brain goes “Shit! I’ve never sold anything yet?” and then it generalizes.

If you’ve got no past references, you have to find another way to build your belief. You have to go through that decision. So, if you decide you’re bad at tech, you’re never gonna grow. You’ve got to find time to up your skills in tech and in understanding how this computer works. 


All beliefs come with consequences. Every belief. If you say you can learn anything, then you will learn anything.

The strongest thing that’s controlling the behaviors that you produce is your identity and what tears down your identity is your history. Therefore, if you’ve got no history of success, that’s where you’re getting your identity from. Then you’ve got your values or what’s important to you. If money or health is important to you, you’re gonna make different decisions from someone  whose health is lower in their values or whose money is lower in their values.

Then we’ve all got human needs that are driving us. 

First is we all have a need for certainty. We need to feel certain that we can get our survival needs met. We need to feel certain that we’re gonna be comfortable. 

Then, we have a need for variety. We also have the need for uncertainty – for change.

Third is the need to feel special, unique, and important. However, some people feel special, or unique, or important by tearing other people down or by attacking other people. Sometimes the way we get significance is  by judging other people. And they’re all negative ways.

The fourth and last human need is the need for love or connection. We all need to connect with other people to feel loved. That’s probably our biggest driver.  But we shut it down because sometimes, we don’t allow ourselves to give or receive love because of our conditioning. We don’t allow ourselves to receive help. We think we have to please other people all the time.  That probably gives us significance, but it’s the wrong way to get it.

If you’re in business and you’re driven by certainty, it means you won’t do anything different. If certainty is the top need that’s driving you, then you’re always like “Oh, I can’t do anything different because I’ve always got to be certain.” You won’t take any risks. And If you want to be financially successful or if you even want to make an impact in the world, you cannot grow by not taking risks.

When you filter all of these things, that gives you a focus. Then that focus, combined with the physiology plus the weight you use your body produces an emotional state. It’s hard enough enough to be in a higher emotional state because some people will be like “What am I supposed to look forward to?”

Your beliefs create a world of possibility. The biggest thing controlling your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviors is your belief system. Second is your values. These two are the forces controlling every thought, feeling, and behavior. 

You have four sources of belief.

The first place you get your beliefs from is your main environment. 

The second one is from your past events and  past references. 

The third place you get your beliefs from is your alternative sources of knowledge. 

And the fourth place is from the feeling of absolute certainty about what something means. 

So, if you believe you’re intelligent, then you feel certain you’re intelligent. Same goes if you believe you’re good at tech, then you feel certain you’re good at tech.

You create your beliefs by imagination, by visualization, and by affirming statements and saying something to yourself so often with so much emotion.

Those are some big ways I’ve created my beliefs. The reason why it’s important is because you are what you are right now because of what you believe. And if you’re taking no action, it’s because that’s what you believe right now. So to create the future and the way to get there is by believing you’re already there.


Luke Hawkins



The Best On-boarding Process For When You Sign Up For A New Coaching Client

When I was starting off coaching clients, nobody told me how I should specifically onboard a new client. All I knew I had to do is to change people. So, what happened was I would sign coaching clients up and one of the things that I did miss is to send people tax receipts and tax invoices. I would only write down what they paid me on a piece of paper. I got to the end of the year without any idea how much my coaching business had made. I checked my bank account and because I also spent so much of the money, I was still at zero. I also didn’t know what I’d been paid because I didn’t have an accounting system.


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I think it’s very important because what happened back then was I received all this money, didn’t spend it at all, but then an accountant had to do all my taxes. And in the end, they were sorry to inform me that I was actually up for a $50,000 tax bill. I then received a letter from the Australian Taxation Office that said I owe them $50,000 due within I think it was like a month or two”. 

That was kind of inconvenient for me. So, I’ve created an onboarding process which you can follow, so when you sign up a new coaching client, you won’t experience that pain I felt before.


1. Have a way to take payment. Many coaches miss this. You might need B-point which is linked to the Commonwealth Bank– a bank in Australia. You could use Stripe which is an international payment platform that allows you to take credit card and debit card details. It’s very effective. I believe it allows bank transfers as well. Also, there’s PayPal, although it has slightly higher service fee rates than Stripe. You’ve got Square which you could also use to take debit card and credit card payments. Or you could do a bank transfer as well.

You want to have your bank details handy on your phone or on your computer all the time. Wherever you go, you’ve got your bank details handy with you because you want to be able to receive money at any time. You also want to be able to have an easy-access on your phone or somewhere to take debit card and credit card details. You want to be able to accept money from the universe and the way you do that is to have lots of ways to receive money. 

No matter how many people or coaches tell this, they still somehow miss it unconsciously and it’s the number one thing to do. When you’re on a sales call, always have those payment gateways open and ready to go.


2. Have them sign an agreement.  We use Adobe e-signature. I really love it. I think it’s great. If you wanted help for what you could have in an agreement, you could go to my website  We have some terms and conditions there. You could probably model some things off that if you wanted to.

The good thing about Adobe e-signature is you can send it through an email and your client can sign it right on the call. Remember that they’re a projection of you, so if you feel funny about it, your clients are gonna feel funny about it, too. So, you have to tell them firmly that it’s part of the process.

If you buy a home, you’ve got to sign agreements and it’s the same thing if they buy a coaching program. This is also to protect you because you’re gonna make investments of your time and energy and probably even money to serve them. That’s why you need to have them sign it on the call and read it through with them.


3. Celebrate them. You can ask your client if it is okay with them if you celebrate them on social media. If so, then you can celebrate them on Instagram, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, or on your Facebook and Instagram stories. You want to celebrate them everywhere because momentum builds momentum. And if other people see you all excited and happy, they will be like “Wow, that must be good”.

If you can tag them on your stories or tag them in a post, that’s even better. It goes to their social media and could get clients from it based on you signing them up– which is very helpful.

There were times that I even dressed up something funny, something crazy, or I would dress up as a whoopee cushion or as Santa Claus saying Christmas has come early just to get more people into my course. Celebrate them in any way you can.


4. Send them a confirmation email. That confirmation email should have what they bought, what’s in the program that they bought, how it’s gonna work, and how the support works. You need to make sure you put the boundaries around what your communication methods are– maybe it’s by text, or maybe it’s by Facebook Messenger etc. Just put boundaries on how they can communicate to you, how often, what time they can contact you and the time that’s going to take you to respond.


5. Store them as a client in a Customer Relationship Manager. We use ActiveCampaign and we also have Salesforce. We use ActiveCampaign and I actually find it pretty good. You can also use Excel sheets where you can just put all your clients in there, the date that they signed up and the date that they finish, how much they paid, the total amount that is due if they haven’t paid at all yet. That way, you’ve got it all in one place. You don’t want to use paper.


6. Send them a tax invoice.  We use Xero as it’s quite simple. You could use QuickBooks or other accounting software out there. Just make sure you send them a tax invoice that shows what they’ve paid. If they’ve got money outstanding, you can have that in the tax invoice too and say when that payment is due. If you do that, you have all your accounting in place.

You could do that step or if you like, you could get a bookkeeper to do it for  $20-$50 an hour. You can probably find people overseas for cheaper than that. 

I recommend you to send them a tax invoice so you’ve got all your tax up to date. If possible, send it straight away after the sales or you could do them all at the end of the week, or get someone to do them for you all at the end of the week.


7. Give them some value to start. I think this is really good because it helps with the sales as well. You could say I want you to start doing these affirmations or I want you to start this gratitude journal etc.

I always like to give my clients something to start with so they can go out and start getting results straight away and changing the way they feel. It could be doing rituals in the morning, meditation, or jumping up and down or any of those things.

Those are the seven steps that I would recommend you to follow.  I would love to see what results you’ve got from this.


Luke Hawkins



How To Design Your Coaching Package

What your offer is, is very important because it’s going to determine the results that you get for your clients, the money you make, and the impact that your brand is going to make in the world. So, let me break it down into 10 steps of how to design the ultimate coaching package.

It has taken me years to discover this and I’ve been doing it for about seven or eight years now and a lot of people paid good money to learn this, but I’m giving it for free.


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➤ Come up with a memorable name and promised results. If you said you’ve got a six-week breakthrough program, you could call it that. It’s probably pretty good, however it’s even better if you could give it a unique name. 

I saw someone call their program something like Fly Breakthrough Program or maybe that was Fly Coaching Program. The word FLY stands for “First Love Yourself”. It was a program to transform yourself a lot.

The promised result on the other hand would be something like having a six-week program and achieving the result within that time frame. For example “No self-love to feeling deep self-love and acceptance for yourself in six weeks or less”. Something along those lines gives the promised results.

As for us, our promised result is saying how to go from $0-$5k per month to $50k per month in four months or less, which I think is extraordinary. 


 Think of what are the top three core problems that your coaching package has to solve. The best way you should do it is to interview your clients and ask maybe three of them who would actually fit into being your ideal client. You could also ask them what are the top three problems that they’re dealing with right now in their mind, emotionally, or in their behaviors. That way, you’re going to see certain patterns.


 Identify where they are and where they want to be.  Ask your clients what their current situation is now or ask them to describe their daily experience or their daily life, or maybe their daily problems. Then ask them to also tell you what their dream result is, their dream situation, the ideal day or ideal life that they would like to have. That is going to let you see that there’s a bit of a gap there.

Once you identify where they are and where they want to be, you can now write down everything that prevents them from having their ideal situations– one of their limiting beliefs, or one of their fears, or one of the behaviors, or everything that’s missing that stops them from having what they want now. When you write all that out, that’s what you know your coaching package has to solve.


Design the modules or break the course up into weeks. What most of my coaches do is that they offer a six-week coaching program. You could also do four weeks, but the reason why I recommend doing six weeks is because the longer that it goes, generally the less people actually stay committed for. So, the drop off rate goes up generally in packages sometimes, unless you find super committed people. And for me, four weeks sometimes is not enough to get a result, unless you really designed it that way. Once you’ve got that, you can break it up into modules and specify each.


Create emotional breakthroughs for your clients. This is something that I think most coaches miss. I believe that my gift in what I do is I am really good at helping people to have emotional breakthroughs.

You could tell your clients steps like writing some affirmations or writing a gratitude journal which are good. It could help and doing them is fine, but they are conscious-mind activities and for me it’s a bit controversial.

If you really want to give your clients a real emotional breakthrough, you don’t want to give them just conscious-mind activities. You want to give them a subconscious-mind transformation which is where your emotions are. That’s why in the programs that we teach we give tools on how to transform people’s emotions.

If you can help your clients to get rid of their fears, their limiting beliefs, or their most negative stories about themselves, then they’re going to really change and they’re going to want to do more with you and probably going to tell their friends.


➤ Add some bonuses. I think it’s always good. I’ve seen some people give free screensavers which are designed on Canva and some even give free extra PDF. They also give free visualizations for their clients to do in the morning. You can do that too and you can give small little gifts like sending a book or anything that wows your clients. 


➤ Get clear on the price of your course. The price could be low or could be around $500-$1,000, but I recommend charging a medium ticket to a high ticket for your coaching package– anywhere between $1,500 to $5,000 is a great range to charge.

I’ve seen some people let their clients sign up and charge only around $60 a month. Unless you’re getting like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people doing that, then you’re way better off just getting less number of clients at a medium to high ticket offer. That’s what I’ve seen coaches scale the quickest.

If you get five people in at a $2,000 coaching package and you start at five a month, there’s $10,000 a month. But if you got a $100/month package, then you’ve got to get 100 people to do that and you’re going to spend an hour on the phone with someone, unless you’ve got a big brand.

You don’t want to spend an hour on the phone to sell a $100 thing a month. You want to spend an hour on the phone to sell your client a $1500 or a $3000 thing or more if you can.


➤ Have some conditions of the offer.  Maybe it’s seasonal so you run three times a year or four times a year of your coaching package, or maybe you only take a maximum of four clients a month to make it more scarce or more limited. You could also take only 10 people for your coaching package and then sold out. Those are some conditions of the offer you can have. 


➤ Limit the number of people that you take. You could just limit taking only five or 10 clients or how many you want.


➤ Have really captivating visuals. I’m really lucky that I’ve got a great team that creates awesome visuals and are really good at demonstrating the value of what we sell with the branding that they create.

If you don’t have that yet, you could go into Canva and create a big Facebook banner that has a clear picture of you and says the name of the program of what you sell and the promised result. And you’ve got all that on there.

Aside from Canva, you could also create really good visuals of what you sell through an app called which you can use on a mobile phone, on a laptop, or on a computer screen.

Those are the 10 things that you should do to design the ultimate coaching package and I hope that helps and serves you.


Luke Hawkins



How To Believe In Yourself As a Coach


Why is it important to believe in yourself when you haven’t had success as a coach?

You don’t get what you wish for. You don’t get what you hope for. You don’t even get what you want. Instead, you get what you believe. Your beliefs bear the fruits of your life. Whatever you believe, you will achieve.


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Dr. Bruce Lipton said that the role of the mind is to create a coherence between your beliefs and your reality. That belief is a thought that you hold true. And the reason why these beliefs are important is because you only act on what you believe.

If you’re not taking much action in your coaching business, you’ve got to ask yourself.

What are my limiting beliefs? 

What am I believing in?

You’re going to take a lot of action if you’re absolutely certain something’s going to work. And once you take a lot of action, your results are going to go up. Then your brain has confirmation bias because it looks to confirm what you believe. Your brain goes “See I told you it was gonna work. I told you it was a good idea.”

However, when you don’t believe something’s going to work, you’re going to take little action which will lead to getting little results. Your brain then confirms the opposite and goes “See, I told you it wasn’t gonna work. I told you it was a waste of time. And now you’re in a downward spiral.”

It’s very hard if you’ve got no past success, if you haven’t had any coaching clients, and if you’ve never worked with anyone. It’s really difficult starting out and I get it. I’ve never been paid money before. 

I see some people that go from coaching calls to coaching courses into coaching courses. They even pay all this money but they still don’t have a paid client. That’s because of their beliefs.

Some people even got their start working pro bono with coaching clients. This is a bit controversial. I’m not an advocate of that, because what happens is you tend to attract less committed clients – clients that just are not as committed to get results. The more energy you put in the more you’re going to get out, but the less energy you put in the less you’re going to get out. So if they’re not paying, they’re gonna take less energy out of your coaching, which means less results. That’s why we want to be charging.

The reason why so many people get stuck when they’re new is they look at their past for certainty, they’re looking for past success to give them certainty. And when they don’t have it, their certainty is gone. It’s empty. 

You’ve got to know that the strongest force in the mind that controls your results is your identity. Your mind will only produce behaviors consistent with your identity. 

If you say:

“I’m a broke coach.”

 “I’m not a good coach.”

 “I’m just a new coach.”

or whatever, you’re not going to produce the right behaviors. 

You need to have an identity like:

“I am a powerhouse coach.”

 “I’m a millionaire coach.”

“I’m the world’s best coach.”

“I’m the greatest of all time, just like what Muhammad Ali.”

 If you have that identity, you’re gonna produce behaviors consistent with that. But most people tear down their future with their history by a disempowering identity that has come from their past.

We all have a temperature in our life. Let’s just say I’m running my life from 30 degrees of temperature. When I’m at 30 degrees of temperature, I’m acting at a certain level and I’m looking for certain things. 

“I deserve only free clients.”

“I only deserve one or two clients.”

“I’m just starting out so I just don’t deserve much right now.”

 It’s ridiculous! 

The temperature of your life is what you deserve, what you believe you’re worth. You’ve got to up that.

When I started out I was broke and was just sleeping in my van. I had no resources and money. I just borrowed money from my parents and I put it on my board “I am a millionaire coach.” That was my identity.

You’ve got to have this empowering identity for yourself and reinforce it with lots of emotion and certainty over and over again. That’s how you build an identity. I recommend you do that. 

I had a guy that I was coaching. He said to me, “Luke, I think i’ve got depression. Whenever I’m on my own, when my business isn’t working out I start beating myself up. I start focusing on what I don’t want and what I don’t have. I say all these negative things to myself. How do I get out of it? I’m really struggling. I’m not getting many coaching clients at all right now.”

I told him that he needs to enforce a new identity. He needs to tell himself who he is. He needs to believe and say he’s a powerful coach, he’s a successful coach, and he’s a millionaire coach. I told him to reinforce it with emotion. He started doing that and started getting way better results. 

That’s how you build a belief. By repetition. That means you need rituals for yourself and you need an identity. When you have rituals that support you to feel what you want, you take much more empowering actions. Remember, you only make decisions in the emotions that you live in.

So, if you live in negative emotions like fear, anger, loss, frustration, and loneliness, you don’t get to take good actions from that place. You have to get in the right emotional state. Believe in yourself by enforcing an empowering identity and visualizing. Keep taking massive actions and you will build that belief.


Luke Hawkins


How To Get Clients As an Online Coach Without Heights Or a Big Brand


How would you get your coaching business going even if you don’t have a brand, no advertising running, and only have organic sources like your phone? These are the steps that I would recommend you to follow to get paid clients right away.


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1. Pick a specific niche, not a general and broad one like “I help people change their mindset” or “I help people become successful”. Get specific. You should pick three core problems and think of the three core solutions that the audience wants which could be:

 “Helping people to become confident.”

 “Helping men with dating.”

 “Helping women to transform their body image.”

 And many more. Pick up something really specific.

2. Update all your social media platforms accordingly and call yourself that type of coach that gives you identity. It could be a confidence coach, anxiety coach, a body image coach, etc. In addition to that, make sure to include who you help so everybody knows who you are and what you do.

You could also put on your bio a one-sentence message which is niche-specific and with a timeframe on it. For example:

“I help women to transform their body image in six weeks or less.”

“I help men to get rid of anxiety and four weeks or less.”

3. Start posting on different social media platforms where your target audience hangs out. It could be on LinkedIn, on Instagram, on Facebook, or maybe on all of them or other ones. Just start telling your story. 

I had a lady that did this. She helps women to lose weight and transform themselves. And nobody knows it, but she actually had been in an abusive relationship when she was about 19 years old. She got pregnant by a guy and experienced domestic abuse. What she did was she started telling a story on Facebook, on Instagram, and on TikTok and not to judge, she blew up.

From a couple of 1000 followers on TikTok, she went to roughly 90,000 followers and was featured on The Daily Mail about twice and a couple of other news publications as well. That just gave her a massive authority.

She then started sharing how she helps women with weight loss and she’s got clients overnight. That’s just from telling a story and I actually couldn’t believe it!

You would start in all your social media posts telling your story from where you were to where you are now and how you’d helped overcome that problem in yourself.

On top of that, you can do value added posts as well. If you start solving the problems for your niche for free, that starts building trust with your target audience and that also starts positioning you as an authority. So, start those posts.

4. Create a Facebook group for your niche. A lot of coaches get stuck with this because what they have is just too general and too broad. That way doesn’t really go anywhere. You’ve got to have a Facebook group that’s targeted for your specific niche and give it a name that your niche would resonate with.

Generally, the way to do that is to go to Facebook’s search bar and search for keywords that relate to your niche. If you do that, you’ll start to see other Facebook group names which will give you ideas. Then, invite people to join the group and do about three posts in a week there.

You might also invite people to the group by just posting on all your social media platforms saying it’s an exclusive group where you give free strategies on XYZ. Once you invite people to the group, you might get 10 to 30 people join a week or even more.  When they join the group, you can message them and offer a free coaching call saying it’s a part of joining your group. You can give them a free piece of value content.

If you do that, you’re gonna stack ideally 5 to 10 coaching calls a week just from inviting people to your Facebook group. You’re probably going to get at least two paid clients a week this way.

As people join, you could also do a competition to get them to invite more people to the group. For example, if they can invite five people to the group and whoever does that can get some free PDF, free video, or some free piece of value content etc. There’s plenty of ways to get people to join a group so you would do that.

The last thing that I would do to get paid coaching clients is a ninja hack. This is probably the easiest way and this is something that I did that blew my coaching business up. This is the number one thing that transformed my business.

5. Work with someone in your niche and create a joint venture. There was a time I went to a network marketing group and a lady reached out to me and asked if I would want to join her network marketing company. She was looking for some people to do so. I told her that I’m not looking to join at the time, but what I do is I actually help network marketers to transform their business and their mindset, and I help them to grow their business rapidly by getting rid of their limiting beliefs and taking massive action. 

Then she realized she needed it. So, I gave her one session and on that session I up-sold her into two more sessions. When I up-sold her into two more sessions she got amazing results. What did that do? She told me to help her whole network marketing team as I was able to give such amazing results for her.

She put me on a group call which was about 30 minutes to 1 hour. During the call I gave what’s called an irresistible offer to that target market which is gonna be a 45-minute call with me and it’s going to cost them about $40 or $50 AUD. I was desperate at the time to broaden my business.

Because I did such a good job of giving value and they positioned me as an authority, I told them to message me if they’re keen or if they want the PayPal link. I also added that I only take 10 people for the call. 

When I opened my Facebook inbox, I’m no joke but I had 30 to 40 messages of people saying they wanted the call with me right away. 

So, I gave the PayPal link, and in one call I had about 30 or 40 paid discovery calls. I probably sold at least half of them a $600-$800 package and there was my business overnight.

I recommend that you find a target audience– somebody that you could do a joint venture with that will definitely grow your business quicker than anything else.


Luke Hawkins




Structured Coaching Business Models For Beginners to Advance


I’m going to give you a coaching business model. 

This is for those who maybe haven’t been trained as a coach yet, who actually have been doing coaching for a little while who are earning less than $10,000 a month or less than 30,000 a month. This is also for those who may be earning between $30,000 to $100,000 a month. I’m going to break it into beginners, intermediate and advanced.

For someone who hasn’t had 10 paid clients I’m gonna put you in the beginner category. So, what should be the coaching business model for a beginner who’s never seen less than 10 paid clients?


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The first step to your business model is starting with a sales call or a strategy call, or a “change your life” session, or an initial consultation with your potential new clients. You either charge $50- $100 for that or do it for free. Then, you should sell them a program which should be one to one. 

It would be good for you to get at least 10 paid clients, one to one. Before you move to one to many, if you can sell your one to one program to clients, you’re going to get a stack of positive testimonials or positive success stories which will make it a lot easier for you to sell the one to many later on. That’s going to give you a lot higher return on your time. 

Most of our coaches offer like a six week one to one program for an hour and a half a week. You could do something like that or give people a number of sessions. But for what we train people in, it’s six weeks, and it’s about $1500 to $3000. That’s what most people charge starting out. Some also charge more than that, but they get about 10 clients that way.

Now, you’re really moving and you’re getting great results from this six week program, they’re going to refer people and it’s going to really gain momentum. 

For beginners once again that is a sales call, strategy call, initial consultation, or whatever it is and it could be $50- $100, or it could be free. And then sell them to a one on one program, generally about six weeks is ideal, $1500-  $5000 and that should get 10 paying clients.

For intermediate or advanced if you reached at least 10 paying clients, then I recommend you to get to one to many as soon as possible. Why? Let’s say you’ve got 10 clients and it’s $2,000 for a six-week program and it’s nine hours for example, for that program you have $20,000. And if you’ve got to do 90 hours, you’re probably going to get paid around $150- $300 an hour. 

And if I put 10 people in a group program at $2,000, that’s $20,000. And let’s say it was nine hours, I’m now getting not like 200/hour, but about $2200 which is crazy as it is 20 times higher return on my time. 

The goal should be to start with a sales call similar before then sell. The next thing that you should sell on your coaching business model is a one to many medium to high ticket program. That program ideally should be charged $1500 to $5000. You should put in a time period which ideally is six weeks or in a shorter period of time. That way, you are getting paid a much higher rate. 

After that, what you should sell in your value ladder is another one to many high ticket program. I have a guy right now who’s doing this and he’s charging $6,000 for six months. He’s getting it all up front because he’s found a company that loans people their money and gives him that money up front too. He’s charging a high amount for that and is giving them one call a week. He’s also got a portal where they get all this free extra value– they get videos in there, all the courses etc. That’s just a very little one to one.

Some people go one to many and then one to one and it’s like one to many was two grand and then one to one was four grand. That makes the one to many way more appealing and I think that’s a good scenario as well. But the best case scenario is only one to many and the one to one being super expensive.

So, those are the two ways for beginners and intermediate or advanced. That’s how I would think. But if you’re intermediate or advanced and you’ve seen more than 10 paying clients, then you want to make your one on one definitely significantly more expensive than your one to many, because that’s going to make it way more appealing then, that’s what I really recommend.

Luke Hawkins


Building Confidence As A Beginner Coach


What are you going to do if you’re not confident enough to be a coach?

I think this is a big question because a lot of coaches struggle with confidence. So, let’s go through this.

Confidence is all about internal certainty. Now, let me ask you. What is it you’re specifically not certain about?


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Maybe, you’re not certain whether you can create change or results with your clients. If that’s the problem, then I believe you should get trained well by a coach who knows what they’re doing and who can train you how to get extraordinary results for your clients. You should be training with some tools and techniques that really create amazing change or at least be trained on how to get results with people. That helps you feel that internal certainty. That’s at least what I’ve done.

I don’t recommend doing some cheap courses or something that’s like buying a cereal box for 20 bucks or 100 bucks. A coaching course that’s anywhere between $3,000 to $10,000 in most cases is good.

Once you know how to create change or you know how to create results, the second thing I think is really important to improve your confidence is if you have transformed from the tools of what you sell. If that happens then you will certainly feel way more confident and certain about it.

Someone used coaching tools with me and then I transformed and when I changed I realized that was worth it. I can definitely work with other people and create these results, because it worked for me. So, that’s what led to me feeling so passionate about what I sell.

The other thing that I think is really important is to start with charging something that’s worth the value of your time that you feel certain about. Don’t charge 10s of 1000s of dollars if you don’t believe it’s worth that right now, but you do have to charge and start with something. Do not start with pro bono because that is not the way to get confident. If you do that, all you’re going to do is attract people that are not committed which means they’re going to get less results and you’re going to feel less confident. You’re also teaching them how not to value themselves because you haven’t valued yourself. And I think you should teach people how to value themselves by you doing it yourself. That’s how to create empowerment.

So, I started 150 an hour and then I moved up to 300 an hour, then 500 and went up like 2000 for one on one. But you cannot sell something if you’re not sold on it yourself. You have to be sold on all the reasons why you’re coaching is worth 10 times more than what you charge. 

And in people’s health, in their body, in their finances, in their family, in their relationship with themselves and relationship with other people emotionally,  and in their career, what are all the negative consequences if they don’t change? What are all the positive consequences if they do change in every area of their life one year from now, five years from now, or 10 years from now? That’s how you are really going to stack confidence in yourself– by repeating that to yourself.

I had a guy who said to me he had 4 sales calls and none of them bought and they all said to him that they’d get back to him but they didn’t. Maybe that has happened to you too. Anyway, I advised him to speak to people not just from the level of his mouth, but from the level of his heart and spirit.

You have to move people emotionally to buy. If you can’t do that, they aren’t going to buy. People make decisions based on emotion and they support it with logic.

If someone’s giving me objections, I lean in and I get even more passionate about why they must do it and about what it is going to do for them. I get so much certainty in my spirit that I just go there and they feel that they need to do it.

I built this confidence and this certainty by doing what is called incantations– a statement or a sentence that you say to yourself repeatedly, but not just from the level of your mind, but with emotion. If you do say something to yourself over and over again with deep emotion, you build so much certainty and confidence. That way, you’re stacking all the reasons why your programs are worth way more than what you charge and when you get on a call, you’re ready.  The battle is won before you step in the ring.

The last thing I want you to do is change your identity. If you say you’re just a new coach starting out or you’re just doing it as a side hustle then that is not the identity. 

When I had nothing, I said I’m a million dollar coach. I’m a world class coach. That was my identity and I was saying it over and over again, so when I got on the call, I could let them feel that they’re working with the best. I’m the best. I said I was the best before I became the best. That’s how Connor McGregor got so good. He said he’s the best and so he trained like the best, spoke like the best, and acted like the best. That’s how you should think now. 

So, all those things packaged together are going to help you transform your competence. Every morning you should be doing a ritual of incantations for a couple of minutes and just embed that certainty by repeating the same statements over and over again with emotion that empowers you to build those neurological connections in your nervous system. By doing that, you become super confident.


Luke Hawkins

The 3 Elements of a 7-Figure Coaching Business


I think it’s most important that your direction is right. There are so many people who put in a lot of effort and action and there are also people who, maybe put in no action. But regardless of how much action you take, if you’re in the wrong direction it doesn’t matter how fast you’re going. 

So, I want to talk about the three elements to help you create a seven-figure coaching, or consulting, or healing business.


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The first element that you need is to be clear on your niche. I coach a lot of people from around the world and this is probably one of the things that people struggle with the most. They ask questions like:

What should my niche be?

Why do I even need one?

And a lot of other people just want to be a generalist because they don’t want to lose business. They go “Oh, well if I had a specific niche, I don’t know if that’s good for me because I might lose the business and I might miss out on helping other people”.

But that’s not going to serve you. 

If you think of Amazon, they only started by selling books. Once they took over the book market including Barnes and Noble and all other bookstores around the world where you had to physically visit the shop and get your book. That was an advantage for Amazon because they realized that they could actually ship these books out to the customers rather than create physical stores. They knew that when they go first for the book market, they are going to advance into other areas.

When they took over the book market, what they did next is they got into videotapes and started selling them online. After that, they went into distributing music. And now, they have like 700,000 or more different products. But they started with one – selling books and they became known for that.

So, if you’re not at a million or 10 million yet, which you’re probably not, for most people, then you’ve got to start with one thing.  Just get one type of client and know their demographic. 

What are they? Male or female?

What is their age range?

What are their interests?

What type of job do they have?

Those are their demographics.

Then you need to know their top three problems and the top three solutions that they want. Know what their current situation is and their ideal dream situation. Once you know that niche, that’s what your message, your content, and your marketing are gonna be based on.

Once you give value to that niche and you start solving their problems for free, people are going to start seeing you as an authority and start trusting you because you’ve given them value and solve their problems for free. So, do not be a generalist. Whatever you have done in the past or whatever resistance you have to it, just be a specialist.

The second thing you need to obtain this 7 figure business is to create a “lead and sales machine”. That means getting a lot of leads into your business which is done by two types of marketing– content marketing and direct response marketing.

Content marketing means giving free value content and not asking for anything in return. Then you can follow up those leads. That’s what I teach my coaches – to put out content and then chat sequence those people and get them on the phone. Most people don’t have enough brand positioning to sell online just yet. That’s why they have to sell on the phone starting out. If you don’t like selling on the phone, well I say it’s pretty much too bad, because sometimes you’ve got to do things that you don’t like. 

Direct response marketing, on the other hand, is where you might do posts. This is where you say “Hey, if you want this offer then pass your name, email, and phone number to me and I’ll give you this piece of value in exchange”. 

But actually, you need both. You don’t want to just only be doing content. You want to be doing direct responses as well. 

You can give, give, give, and then ask and do a direct response. Once you get a lot of leads in, you can have a sales machine where you should know how to sell and close them. 

I looked around and I thought what the difference was between those people in the coaching industry that are so successful versus those that are just not as successful. And I saw that the core difference was that, one had a slightly better product while the other one had a shittier product but was better at selling it. Thus, you got to be really good at sales and putting time into that.

If you want scripts or further information on what we do, please reach out to us. But you definitely need your success to be directly proportional to how many qualified leads you get. And it’s not just any leads. They should be qualified which means they have the problem that you solve and they want to buy it. That’s very important. 

Let’s say you get 20 leads a week. You should close at least one out of four. And if you have a $2,000 program and you make five sales, that’s $10,000 a week. It’s very powerful.

Now, the third element that you need is scalable and profitable programs. If you’re only doing one-on-one, then you know you’ve got so many hours in a day. You can’t keep working 24 hours a day doing that. There’s always a limit to how much and when you can do it and that way can lead you into doing one-too-many. You’ve got to do a group scale. 

And about limiting beliefs.

“Oh, how can I get a result with my clients doing group stuff”?

“I’m so intuitive doing one-to-one.”

“I don’t have a technique to do one-to-many”.

Those limiting beliefs are not going to get the breakthroughs. You can definitely get the breakthroughs using one-to-many. You just need to know how and you need to be trained. You just have to allow that possibility. And if you want to make it quicker, then find someone who’s already doing it – whether it’s me or somebody else. But again, you’ve got to have those group programs.

The thing that’s challenging right now is that so many people are tired. They think they have to do it in live event format or they have to see you in person. And with the world conditions going on this time, it makes it very hard because that means people have to live close to you to use your service. It’s not very scalable that way. I recommend you going online and creating these breakthrough processes online. That’s what is going to allow you to reach a lot more people.

I hope this has helped you with your business. And just to wrap it up,  the three core elements to creating a 7-figure coaching, healing, and consulting business are getting clear on your niche, building a lead and sales machine, and creating scalable profitable programs to sell.


Luke Hawkins


How To Attract More Coaching Clients When You’re Not Getting Any


I’m going to tell you about what to do when you’re not getting coaching clients.

You could be a healer, or a coach, or a consultant. The idea of businesses is that you want to get the most amount of clients you can get. The money that you earn in your business is proportional to the amount of clients that you can serve. Ideally, you want to be doing a one-to-many program versus a one-to-one. And you want to get coaching clients because if you don’t have any, you don’t have a business.

I’ve said this to people on calls that I do that it doesn’t matter how great of a coach you are. You might have all the tools, you might have all the skills, and you might be really good at transforming people. However, if you’re not able to get clients, then it doesn’t matter how good you are. Your skills will stay on the shelf so to speak because nobody gets to experience that.


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Over time, I’ve had phases where I’ve got lots of coaching clients coming in at one time and other phases of the business where it seems like there’s no clients coming in. I’ve been through these phases. I’ve been doing this for seven years now.

I remember about five years ago where it was Christmas time, I was looking for “quit smoking clients” and I wasn’t getting any. I was then speaking to my mom at that time and she’s like “ Luke, you should go back to school and teach. This is not going to work out for you”.

And as I know it has to work out. 

I was even really frustrated because I was going to all these real estate agents on the Central Coast – about two hours north of Sydney. I remember knocking on their doors saying “Hey, do you want to do coaching?”

I remember handing out flyers to quit smoking and literally no one was buying. I realized it was very tough at that time when I got myself out of that hole.

If I didn’t get out of the hole and if I didn’t get clients, then literally I would not be paying my mom’s board. I was still living at my mom’s house at 27 years of age. I knew I needed to pay board and I needed to get clients, because otherwise I’m gonna have to go back to school and teach. 

That was a big phase where I was very close to just giving it up and quitting. I was at my lowest point of actually getting clients. 

I’ve had other phases as well. So, if you’re a coach right now, you’ve probably had phases where you’ve struggled getting clients. Therefore, let’s look at what to do.

1. Identify the root cause. What is the real chokehold? the real reason? Then write down the root cause as to why you’re not getting coaching clients. People get stuck even at this step because they put themselves at the effect of something outside of them. It could be saying:

I don’t have time.

It’s my kids.

I don’t have money.

It’s Christmas time.

It’s something outside of them that they blame. Or they’re going to find out that it’s some fear or some belief that’s holding them back.

You should be able to identify really what that root cause is and why you’re not getting any coaching clients.

2. Get yourself in a state of certainty. What happens when you stop getting clients in? Do you think your certainty is going to go up or is it going to go down? For most people, it’s going to go down. 

When your certainty starts to go down because there’s no results coming in, what do you do? In cases like this, some people will start beating themselves up and they start focusing on what they don’t want. As a result, they stop attracting and stop doing things that will get them results.

You can’t let your energy drop. You can’t let your certainty drop. It’s like you’re out in the surf and you’re waiting for a wave to come in. Sometimes the set comes in with lots of waves, other times it’s a longer wait between the sets. 

But you have to know in the universe, there is a lag time. There’s a lag time between the actions that you take. You put all this energy out, the energy goes out. But then, you have to wait for the energy to come back as it’s not going to come back straightaway.

That is how you gain mass momentum. You have to keep doing what the right things are and keep doing what’s going to work. Also, trust. You have to trust that it’s going to work and keep focusing on what you want no matter what. So, when there’s no external certainty and no external results, then your internal certainty goes up.

What else can you do?

What else can you make happen?

There’s got to be a way. And in that emotional state, you’re going to get much better answers when you’re uncertain. When you’ve got a big enough WHY and you’ve got certainty, you will find the HOW. But before that, you should get out of that state of uncertainty and fear.

Make your goals of getting coaching clients a “must”. If your goals are a “should” you’re not going to use all of who you are. It’s not going to happen.

3. Look at why something is not working. Just look at why.

Is it your sales skills?

Is it that you’re using Facebook when you should be using Instagram to get leads?

Is it what you’re writing in fb messages to people?

Is it that you’re in scarcity?

Is it that you focus on what you don’t want so you’re just getting crappy energy back?

There are a lot of things to consider why something is not working. It could be that you’ve got the wrong niche. It could be that your product or your program isn’t good enough. Look at why people are not buying. That’s important. 

4. Look at what you can do differently. When you’re not getting what you want, that does not mean you use less of who you are. It means use more of who you are. And also believe that you have to develop your spiritual muscle for you to have faith and have trust to see what really is inside of you. You won’t find your potential when it’s easy. You’re gonna have phases where the clients don’t come in and it’s not easy. So, that’s when you got to lean in and increase your energy.

When you’re not getting clients, ask yourself.

What else can I do?

Have I tried this?

Have I done this?

People might say “I’ve tried everything!”

Yes, you might have used everything but remember that everything’s vibrational. You have to have that certainty, take massive action, and do whatever it takes and think strategically about what’s going to work.

5. Ask for help. If you have someone that you know has done it before and who has been through this before, they have their ways that’s getting them consistent coaching clients. You should go and talk to them.

Some people would just say “Oh, what should I do?”

But you should know that WHO is even better than WHAT. Who has done this before? Go and speak to them. Maybe even pay them a bit of money if you need to. 

Although it’s a bit sad that some people have too much pride.

“I just got to do it all on my own.”

“I got to make it all happen on my own.”

“I just got to prove myself on my own.”

That’s not gonna take you far. Ask for help. That’s how you’re going to get there a lot quicker. That’s what I’ve found to help me grow and create success in my business and get coaching clients.

Luke Hawkins



How To Become a Leader in This Time of Uncertainty



I’ve been receiving several inbox messages, speaking to different people on the phone, and just getting an understanding of where everybody is, given what’s going on in the world right now.

Regardless of what you believe about what’s happening in the world in terms of the worldwide pandemic—coronavirus—that has been communicated to us through the media and other communication mediums that we have, what is happening right now is that humanity is facing the biggest collective crisis that we’ve ever faced in a long time. 


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But what I mean by crisis is beyond what you believe the effects of the virus. It’s the mental and emotional health of people around the world. I know there are a lot of people out there that are struggling with anxiety, depression, fear, and engaging in more sabotaging self-behaviors than before because of what’s happening right now. 

Nobody knows how this is going to end up. It’s very hard because we’re in a time right now where humanity can take one or two directions. And one of the directions would be nice for life to go back to the way that it was. However, you have probably noticed that it’s very likely for it to be different because there are higher-tech companies that are wanting to track us, there are a lot of restrictions on our freedom, and there is a lot of monitoring of us now.

We don’t know what’s going to happen in the world going forward. But let us focus on what we can do right now.

I believe that we are what we are today because of the total collective consciousness of humanity which is giving us the quality of life and the living experience that we have right now.

What contributes to people feeling depression or anxiety is their focus. Whenever you’re focusing on what you can’t control, what you don’t have, or what the worst-case scenario is, you start to feel emotions that become very unpleasant for you. And if it’s your consistent focus, then you’re going to have a pretty negative experience and you’re not going to produce empowering behaviors from those emotional states.

So, what you’ve got to do is focus back on what you can control. 

What do you have?

What’s positive about what’s going on right now?

I know it’s hard to say it because I’ve certainly had times where I struggled to say what’s positive about what’s going on. But in the real move, what you can focus on and what you can do is an opportunity for you to express more of your gifts in this world than you ever had before. If there’s never been a greater indicator of a need and demand for coaching, consulting, and healing work on this planet, then you’d never see anything like this.

People only make decisions because of the emotional state that they’re in. And when you’re in fear, anger, greed, or any negative emotion you generally make the wrong decisions.

I believe it’s your role as a coach, or a consultant, or a healer to do more than you’ve ever done before. Not less. Because there’s more need and you have to be awake and have the ability to question what you see and hear outside of you and define your truth. But a lot of people don’t have that ability just yet.

They’re saying that people always do their best with the resources that they have but there are a lot of people out there that don’t have a lot of resources. They are in a lot of fear right now. 

Suicide has gone up crazy and that’s because people just don’t have the resources. They’re too identified with their ego in mind. They think who they are is their thoughts instead of seeing themselves as the awareness of those thoughts.

You don’t need the outside conditions to change to feel good. It seems more difficult but if you get rid of that belief system that something has to be changed outside for you to feel fine, then you can give yourself a mission to feel good right now and just decide that you’re going to be happy no matter what.

I don’t know how long it’s going to take but we need to get through this experience to bring all the collective darkness and ego to the surface. 

Ask yourself. What if I just decided to put my head down and give a hundred percent and focus on all of the things I can control and what I can change?

Because that’s what creates massive changes on this planet. It’s starting with yourself.

What is your pattern of focus?

What is your pattern of meaning?

What is the pattern of physiology that you’re living each day?

The quickest way to change your status is to move your body and then start focusing on what you want, what you have, what you can control, and what’s positive. 

It’s time for more creators to step up. Right now, I’m creating a new program called Neuro Transformation Therapy. I’m creating it because I want to go out and heal more people and I want more coaches to do the same–help wake more people up, unplug from the metrics, and start to create themselves and their future. 

So, if you know that you’re at cost for how you feel and for everything in your life right now, no one else is to blame, but you. You chose where you are right now and you’ve all contributed to it. 

Another thing is we should be training our body every day and looking after our health. That’s something we can control to a very large extent.

Create some rituals for yourself and create some new standards that you’re willing to stick to during this time. Think of what they could be. Just turn your decisions to what you’re willing to do that you haven’t done in the past. That’s what’s going to help you feel fulfilled. Fulfillment comes from contribution and doing something meaningful—something that you love, something that’s expressing your gifts, and contributing to more than just yourself.

The more you do those, you’re not going to feel down because you only feel that way when you’re only focusing on yourself instead of focusing on what you can do for others like helping somebody who is in a dark place, struggling to help themselves, and reaching out to someone to know how they are doing if you haven’t heard from them for a while.

We’ve got to be together on this and we’ve got to meet people where they’re at, not from a place of judgment. We just have to be open and give love unconditionally to those who need it. 

Luke Hawkins


How To Rip Open 2021

 What are you going to do this year?

Are you going to do what you know you should do? 

Because the only thing that is different, between the qualities of people’s lives, is their standards of the things that they make a must. What is a must for you? Because, if you want to stay in the same place as you were last year, then don’t do anything different. But if you want to be in a different place than last year, then the only way that’s going to happen is if you’re going to do something different from what you did last year.


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That begins with asking the question “Who are you going to be this year? What are you going to believe? And what are you going to focus on?” Because whatever you focus on is going to expand.  A lot of people get stuck because they focus on what they don’t want, what they can’t control, and what they don’t have. 

Many people talk a good game and say “I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that this year”. But the truth of it is they hate challenges or problems in their lives. And they quit. This is what most people do. They say they’re going to do all these great things. But when it comes down to it, or when they’re getting hit by the universe or a little break downs jump from the sky and hit them on the head, they decide to sit down and lay on the grass for the rest of the year. And they’ve quit even before they give themselves a chance to achieve what they really wanted.

You don’t want to be that person now. You want to be the doer this year and you’re going to start to achieve that by raising your standards and by demanding more of yourself. 

For most people, what holds them back is that they struggle to believe in themselves and what they can achieve in their lives. Therefore, they don’t take actions and struggle with things like impostor syndrome.

I spoke to a lady today and she said to me “Luke, I want to achieve all these things. I’ve done all these coaching studies, but I think to myself like who am I to tell people they can achieve their goals? Who am I to coach somebody? Who am I to do this?”

People take advice all the time. They take advice from the mainstream media, from the news, and even from people who don’t have their best interest at heart and wonder why they’re stuck.

You have been conditioned your whole life to live in a state of fear. And that’s a problem. I don’t know if you’ve ever questioned this, but ever since you grew up in school, they tell you all the things that you can’t do, what you can’t be, what you can’t have. And people project those limitations on you. Then you begin to wonder why you are what you are. Because you’ve listened to the wrong people.

Your breakthrough happens when you ask yourself “Who am I really? Am I really these thoughts in my head that limit me? Are you really those thoughts? Is that who you are?” No. Those are just thoughts in your head that you’ve learned and taken on. They’re not yours, but you’re letting them control you.  

You are not your thoughts. You’re the infinite awareness and infinite source of where everything comes from. You’re connected to everything and everyone that can’t be measured or limited. Nothing can measure the totality of who you are. 

I think it starts by asking yourself what will make this year a great year. 

What do you want to achieve? 

What are your goals for your health? 

What’s your goal weight? 

What’s your muscle mass? 

What do you want your body to look like? 

How much energy do you want to have each day?

Then you want to ask yourself what your goals are in the relationship area of your life. 

Maybe you want to find a partner or maybe you want to leave your partner—find a new one. But you’ve got to get clear of what you want in this relationship area of your life. That’s really important. 

What’s the relationship with yourself going to be like?

What emotions are you committed to living in this year? 

Most people live in the emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, frustration, beating themselves up because they’re somewhere different from the person next door to them. 

So, are you going to be compassionate with yourself? 

Are you going to be loving? 

Are you going to be kind to yourself this year?

And then you find answers. 

What are your goals there? 

What do you want to see happen? 

What do you want to see be achieved? 

And in your business or career.

Where do you want to be? 

What skills do you need to learn to become or to achieve your goals in your business or career? 

Very often we need different skills. Ask yourself what skills are missing. Maybe you are missing marketing skills, lead generation, and sales. It could be anything, but you’ve got to ask what’s missing and you’ve got to learn it. 

What experiences or adventures do you want to have? 

How do you want to reward yourself? 

I think you should reward yourself once you achieve certain miles in your life. Because otherwise, what are you doing it for? Then the other thing is, what are your goals in your philanthropy? What causes and how much you want to contribute to different causes and charities? 

I’ve set a goal of what we want to give this year as a company to charity. I love giving to Operation Underground Railroad, which is a foundation that’s about protecting kids from sex slavery and child trafficking. Because there are 2 million kids a year that are trafficked and are sold for sex.

Set goals in all those areas and then ask yourself what are the values that you need most in your life? 

What are the emotions you are going to live in? 

What identity do you need? 

Most people think about the future with their identity. And their identity comes from their history–where they don’t think about their worth, what they want in their life, or they just think that they’re broke and keep telling themselves “I’m broke”. That’s what they continue to manifest. They tell themselves that they’re impostors, that they’re procrastinators, or that they’re shy or whatever it is. 

Doing that doesn’t serve you. You got to come up with a new identity. 

I think early on I’ve shared this, where I have no money I’ve slept in my van and I just got training and coaching. I told myself I’m a million-dollar coach. I said who I am in my future is who I am today.

You become what you think about. Don’t just sit in silence. Don’t just be a talker. Be a doer and take some risks. You got to do things you’ve never done before, you’ve got to invest in courses or programs to learn what you need to learn. There is no growth without risk. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

I talked to a number of people and some of them want a different life. I ask them what’s holding them back. The reason why they stay stuck is that they tell themselves stories about why they’re not where they want to be. They say “I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the resources, I don’t have work, I don’t have the leads, and I couldn’t have something that’s outside of me”. But those are some things that are inside of you. What you don’t have is the commitment, hunger, resourcefulness, and the whatever-it-takes attitude. 

Many people are also missing their total self-honesty. And you can’t change what you’re not honest about. So it’s time to be honest with yourself. 

What is really holding you back? 

What is the root cause? 

It’s time to deal with it. It’s time to make a new decision. You’ve got to commit to doing the actions and you’ve got to commit to doing the work. 

It will pay off. There is an allowed time and there is a delay in the results that you get after the actions that you take. A lot of people get stuck because they take this action in a short span, and they wonder why the universe didn’t drop them million dollars from the sky. It’s because they didn’t commit for long enough, they didn’t stay the course long enough, and they only played one game– not the whole season, that’s why they didn’t win at the end. 

You have to think the whole year, you’ve got the same standard. You’ve got to make it a must.

What helps to motivate me is the goals that I have to contribute outside of myself and thinking of how I’m going to help other people who can’t get to help themselves. That drives me a lot. I think you should set some goals of what you want to give outside of yourself as well. People will do more for others than they would do for themselves.

I hope you’ve got some value out of that and you make some new decisions about what you are going to commit to for this year, about what your standards are going to be. And make it happen.


Luke Hawkins




Vulnerable share: How I went from sleeping in my Van to….

I was going through the archives over the weekend and thought I’d provide some background to my story. You might find this comical or inspiring…. or both.


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Well it all started here. This is the Van I used to sleep in to do seminars that I paid for with the last of my money. I remember it clearly because this Van cost me $1000. Not sure if I over paid…..

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Then after learning how to coach people I decided to run a seminar in Jan of 2016 at The Toukley Beachcomber Hotel on the Central Coast. If you don’t know where it is, its pretty much the place you go if you wish to be homeless or visit one of the 10 nursing homes Toukley has to offer within a 10km radius. I guess you could call it ‘retirement paradise.’

Hey look after handing out flyers on the street for 8 hours a day for 2 months straight, 1 person decided to show up to my seminar. This is Darren (who is a legend by the way)….


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Then I remember I moved to Sydney and in 2017 I hired my first employee. This is Ronny. I called him the Chilean legend. He helped me with my admin and student support and was making sure I didnt go insane from the 14 hour+ days. He was very good at telling me to sort the pieces of paper I had all over my floor that contained all my business information. I guess you could say I had alot to learn…


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I tried all kinds of things to get leads. On this occasion I thought it would be a good idea to drive to Wollongong and put up a stand at a psychic fair. I think I spent more money at other peoples stands than what I made at my own…

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Anyway, fast forward to Nov 2019. Then this happened…

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That was 143 people who all turned up to my event. So how did go from 1 person in jan of 2016 to 143 in Nov 2019?


Well it was these things that I implemented that wish I implemented years sooner..

1. A Clearly defined niche

2. A social media plan

3. Paid advertising.

4. Systems and processes in my business.

5. A strong sales system.

6. Learnt how to build a brand.


If you are someone who is earning less than $30,000 per month in your coaching business I can guarantee you that any or all of those 6 things are not where they need to be.


If I can go from sleeping in my Van to running Australia’s biggest seminars for Coaches then I believe you also can achieve your dreams and goals.

All I did was ask for help.

H E L P.

One of the most powerful words for growth I believe.


Love and light,


– Luke 


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