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Learn how to unlock the neurological pathways in your brain to create change in your life & the world around you!

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what is NEURO transformation therapy?

Neuro Transformation Therapy™ provides the greatest tools on Earth used for transformation and change. Based on the latest neuroscience these tools allow you to get to the core root of what is holding people back in their life. Through this training, you are able to work with people so they have the ability to clear depression, anxiety, lose weight, quit smoking, remove addictions, transform confidence and do professional business coaching.

We work primarily with the subconscious mind, which is responsible for 90% of your behaviours and is where all lasting and permanent change occurs. NTT is also the study of why people do what they do. We go deep into how our childhood patterns are related to many of our current emotional and behavioural patterns today. We discuss how it is often our unmet needs in childhood that creates patterns in our adulthood that do not serve us.

You will understand at a deep level what Trauma is and how do we heal this trauma in ourselves and others when we work with our clients. We also provide you with a variety of scripts to immediately start working with people once you become Certified as a Neuro Transformation Therapy™ Coach and practitioner.

You will master influence, communication, and leadership so you can lead yourself and others to become the highest and most successful versions of themselves. You will experience in this training breakthroughs like no other. This is training for not just becoming a World Class Coach, but for having your own personal transformation. This makes you congruent as a Coach to go out and work with others.

We provide a caring, supportive environment for our coaches so they can become the best they can absolutely be.


25 hours of online training + 3 Day Live Event

What's Included?

25 hours of online Training

3 Day Live Event

Qualification as a Neuro Transformation therapy™ Coach and Practitioner.

Training Manual

Facebook Group & Phone Support for life

Join a family of like-minded people 


Courses, 2024 | All Times AEDT

7FA AprilApril 5-6 (Friday-Saturday)Virtual
NTT Masters MayMay 2-5 (Thursday-Sunday)Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport Hotel
NTT Prac JulyJuly 11-13 (Thursday-Saturday)Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport Hotel
7FA AugustAugust 16-17 (Friday-Saturday)Virtual
NTT Prac OctoberOctober 24-26 (Thursday-Saturday)Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport Hotel
7FA NovemberNovember 15-16 (Friday-Saturday)Virtual
NTT Masters NovemberNovember 27-30 (Thursday-Sunday)Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport Hotel



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